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Captain Marvel remained a member in good standing with the Avengers, as the team continued to grow larger and adapt a more global mandate. [Avengers (5th series) #24-28, Avengers World #1-14, Avengers Assemble #21-25] In her personal life, Carol adjusted well to living in the Statue of Liberty's Torch. She even offered to share the space with Kit Renner and her mother Marina, who lost her last apartment and was having trouble getting work. As a result, Captain Marvel and Lieutenant Trouble spent a good deal of time together, and Kit continued "Captain Marvel lessons" to help Carol recover her lost memories. She stayed friends with Frank Gianelli and worked with him in Michael Air, but their opportunity to be together had passed, and Carol actually found herself quietly dating her fellow Avengers Jim Rhodes, the Iron Patriot.

Carol was still restless, however, and her connections to the Avengers weakened when her best friend, Jessica Drew, left the team in order to find a life outside of the unit. [Spider-Woman (5th series) #4] Iron Man inadvertently helped scratch the itch Carol was feeling when he suggested she assume membership in the Guardians of the Galaxy. The space-based Guardians had proven valuable allies for the Avengers and defenders of Earth in the cosmic community, declaring the planet off-limits to extraterrestrial powers. Tony Stark had just returned from his own "tour of duty" with the team, and thought it important for the Avengers to maintain relations and a presence among the Guardians out in space. Although she had ties to Earth, Carol felt a wanderlust she could not fully explain, and decided to venture out into space as Tony suggested. Stark rigged her up with a starcraft and an onboard A.I. she nicknamed “Harrison” for the trip. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #1]

Her first time crossing paths with the Guardians was a dramatic one. Star-Lord had been kidnapped by his father, Emperor J’Son of Spartax, while the other Guardians were bartered off to other members in the Galactic Council for favors. J’Son’s live broadcasting of his son’s walk of shame made the hyperspace airwaves, drawing Carol to Spartax. She arrived just in time to catch Star-Lord as he leapt from a balcony to escape his guards. Their confrontation with the emperor riled him enough that he forgot the cameras, and exposed the ugliness of his soul to his entire empire. Carol and Peter made off with his ship and collected the other Guardians from their various captors. [Guardians of the Galaxy (3rd series) #14-17]

Back on course, Carol directed Harrison towards the planet Torfa and her original mission. Just before leaving Earth, a Nowlanian girl crashed her pod on the planet and fell comatose upon recovery. The planet Nowlani had been destroyed during the Builders War and many of the refugees were redirected from the Ringworld to Torfa for resettlement. Carol was doing S.W.O.R.D. a favor returning the girl to her new world. On her way, however, Captain Marvel was attacked by Haffensye mercenaries for even mentioning the planet’s name, and was saved by the Guardians. Star-Lord explained the situation on Torfa had become even more complicated since the war. A plague had apparently infected the settlers, and so Spartax (on behalf of the Galactic Council) was trying to move them off the planet. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to move them, really. The settlers were tired of being shipped around, and the plague meant they would have to leave their infected to die, which they refused to do. It was a complicated political and moral situation for everyone involved.

Which, of course, is when Tic woke up. The Nowlanian girl Tic was awakened by the Haffensye attack just in time to overhear Peter Quill declare his family relation to the great and imperial emperor J’Son, who was trying to forcibly remove her people from their world. Tic grabbed a gun and went crazy, planning to either kill or kidnap Star-Lord as revenge and/or leverage over the Spartoi. Carol managed to stop the alien girl and chastised her for being so reckless. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #2-3]

With Star-Lord as persona non grata on Torfa, Captain Marvel and Tic proceeded without the Guardians to the planet. There Carol met Madam Eleanides, representative of Torfa, and quickly learned how over her head she was butting into a complex political situation such as theirs. Carol persevered, though, assembling a small team of roustabouts including Tic, Gil, Jackie and Bee to help her assemble the parts necessary to rebuild a fleet of ships large enough to transport the entire population, including the unwell, away from the sickness. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #3-4]

The truth about "Torfa the poison planet" finally came out when Carol located Haffensye smugglers shuttling raw Vibranium away from the planet. It seemed Torfa was rich in unprocessed, natural Vibranium which -- improperly harvested -- could cause a sickness in the population. Emperor J'Son only discovered the Vibranium after relocating the refugees there, and so wished to scare them off the planet in order to stake a claim on the Vibranium, and use it to rebuild the Spartoi fleet after the Builders War. J'Son realized his time was running out and launched his hired Haffensye smuggler and pirate fleet at the planet to force an evacuation... or sterilization. Captain Marvel rose in the outer atmosphere of Torfa to single-handedly defend the planet from all invaders. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #5]

Coordinating with Madam Eleanides and her allies, Carol held off the Spartoi and Haffensye long enough for Gil and Jackie to get in the air. Eleanides then redirected Carol towards the Vibranium mine, where Carol unleashed enough cosmic power to obliterate the site. Left with nothing to gain by murdering or evacuating the people of Torfa, J'Son was revealed as a tyrant on a live intergalactic broadcast and was forced to stand down and remove his forces from the settlers' homes. He would not forget Carol Danvers anytime soon. With the gratitude of Eleanides and the people of Torfa, Carol returned to traveling the spaceways with Harrison and Tic, who stowed away on the ship and declared herself Carol's second. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #6]

Oh, and apparently her cat’s a Flerken? How weird is that? [Captain Marvel (8th series) #7-8]

Carol's adventures in space with Tic continued for some time, with occasional action with the Guardians occurring as well. After getting an intergalactic post from Earth via Lila Cheney, however, Carol saw fit to return home for Christmas night. She took the time to visit Tracy Burke, whose cancer was nearing its final stages in the hospital. Carol also had time for a rematch with Grace Valentine and the Toxic Doxie, who sought to steal her Kree genes for themselves. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #9-11]

When Lila returned her to Harrison in space, however, Captain Marvel found Chewie and Tic missing and her ship's systems dead. After getting Harrison back on line, Carol learned her friends had been kidnapped by the Haffensye. Carol managed to track Tic down and force the pirate slavers out of their own ship. Tic chose to remain onboard the Haffensye ship, having commandeered the vessel along with the other intended slaves, and intended to hunt down other Haffensye pirates who enslaved or exploited the survivors of Torfa and Ringworld. Carol said goodbye to her friend and returned to her own explorations of space. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #12-13]

Captain Marvel had a few more adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy before completing her tour of duty in space. Among their conflicts was the destruction of Hala, homeworld of the Kree who first empowered Captain Marvel. [Black Vortex crossover] When she returned to Earth, however, Carol learned that she had missed Tracy Burke's passing by only a few days. Tracy's note instructed Carol to take her out to the beach and scatter her ashes where Tracy's lover Teddy had been scattered a few years earlier. Carol arrived at the shore with Jessica, Rhodey, Wendy Kawasaki and Steve Rogers for support, only to find the urn was... empty. In a second note, Tracy remarked that she had donated her body to science (like any rational human being) and actually did this to trick Carol into relaxing for a day at the beach with her friends. [Captain Marvel (8th series) #15]

By coincidence or not, Captain Marvel found herself on the same side as this group of friends when the Avengers suffered a rift. It was revealed that Iron Man and the Illuminati had hidden from everyone a multiversal crisis called Incursions, in which Earths collided and one or both worlds were destroyed each time. Steve Rogers felt personally betrayed by this, since the Illuminati wiped his memory of it and then manipulated him into creating the larger Avengers roster to free them from the mundane day-to-day world saving and concentrate on the Incursions. Rogers merged the Avengers with S.H.I.E.L.D. to hunt down the Illuminati on suspicion of mass genocide. Captain Marvel joined War Machine, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and even Reed Richards' wife Sue as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Avengers, supporting Rogers even in defiance of the United Nations and the World Court to capture the Illuminati. This support became even more tenuous as a separate Cabal organized by Namor stepped forward and announced their actions in stopping the Incursions, and the UN sided with Thanos, Terrax and the other monsters. [Avengers (5th series) #35]

In truth, though, the structure of the multiverse, the entirety of all that is, was collapsing. Rogers' quest to punish the Illuminati for their crimes drove away many Avengers, and did nothing to solve the underlying problem. Captain Marvel remained loyal to Steve but, when Jessica and Natasha left without a word, she began questioning their mission. [Avengers (5th series) #37] Eventually, it was the Illuminati who orchestrated a ceasefire, bringing together the Avengers of S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.I.M. in a plan that removed the Cabal from the table. [Avengers (5th series) #39-40, New Avengers (3rd series) #28] Carol and the Avengers worked on a new plan to build a "life raft" to support a small fraction of the human race, carrying them over into whatever the next stage of the multiverse was after everything died, and defending the world from alien races who learned Earth was the source of the Incursions. [Avengers (5th series) #41-44, New Avengers (3rd series) #29-33]

Only as the final Incursion loomed did Captain Marvel get the chance to follow up on reports she had heard coming out of Jersey City since her return from space... a neophyte local heroine calling herself Ms. Marvel. Carol tried to play it tough while interacting with her unauthorized "legacy" but Kamala Khan has a way of winning people over. Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel teamed-up to deal with some rogue Inhumans taking advantage of the Incursion to threaten Kamala's family. In the end, Carol gave Kamala her blessing on the name and an amulet to contact her if she ever needed anything. [Ms. Marvel (3rd series) #16-18]

Unfortunately, despite Carol's diversion into Jersey City, the final Incursion against the militaristic world of Earth-1610 resulted in disaster. The life raft was not boarded in time, leaving Captain Marvel and only about a dozen survivors of Earth-616, including the Cabal on a second life raft. [Secret Wars #1] Carol emerged from stasis on the life raft eight years later into Battleworld, a planet assembled from the remnant fragments of various worlds that suffered the Incursions... assembled by the one true God Doom. Victor von Doom had orchestrated events to steal the godly power of the Beyonders, who had engineered the death of the multiverse, and used that power to save what he could. Doctor Doom built Battleworld with the help of Stephen Strange but, when his friends emerged from stasis, Stephen could not leave them to Doom and mystically scattered Carol and the others before Doom killed him. [Secret Wars #3-4]

Carol found herself in the region called Bar Sinister, and managed to achieve a position of authority and influence over its Baron Sinister. The survivors of 616 destabilized Doom's rule at various points around Battleworld, engineering an atheistic uprising, turning his “heavenly host” of Thors against him, and so on. Captain Marvel convinced Baron Sinister to commit his clone forces to defending Doomstadt, only to turn on the other barons in the midst of the uprising. Doom was defeated when Black Panther seized the power of an Infinity Gauntlet and Reed Richards claimed the Beyonders' power from Doom himself, using it to recreate the multiverse and usher in the eighth infinity. [Secret Wars #5-9]