Following the dissolution of the Avengers, a band of heroes independently responded to a major breakout at the Raft, a prison for super-villains. Captain America talked these heroes into remaining together as a more loosely-organized team of new Avengers. A few weeks later, these New Avengers were approached by Professor Xavier when his efforts to stabilize the Scarlet Witch’s fragile psyche had reached a critical juncture. Her powers out of control, Wanda was once again warping reality around her to reflect her mental desires with increasing power and scope. Captain America invited Carol (who was toying with reclaiming the name Ms. Marvel) and several other former Avengers to join him in a meeting with Xavier, the X-Men and the new Avengers to discuss how to address the persistent threat of Wanda's abilities. Some called for Wanda’s death, arguing that this was the only sure way to end the threat she posed to reality. Not willing to pursue this course of action until every other avenue had been exhausted, the assembled heroes paid a visit to Wanda in Genosha. [House of M #1]

The Avengers and their allies were unaware of Quicksilver‘s presence at this conference. Having overheard the team’s discussion, he raced to Genosha and begged his father to help him in protecting Wanda. When a disheartened Magneto admitted that it might be their only option, Pietro used his sway over Wanda to convince her to use her powers to prevent the approaching heroes from harming them. The result was more than even Quicksilver could have expected. Wanda’s power reshaped all of reality on Earth creating a world in which mutants ruled the Earth under the leadership of Magneto. During the House of M reality, created by the combination of Wanda Maximoff’s immense power and deranged psyche, Carol found herself operating as Captain Marvel, the world's greatest super-hero. She received fame and celebrity as an A-List hero, even with her own arch-nemesis: Sir Warren Traveler, a former Sorcerer Supreme obsessed with power. In one confrontation during the reality-shift, Carol fought Traveler inside a burning building while clearing out the inhabitants. She was forced into drastic measures when she actually threw a cat into his face, causing him to panic and vanish thanks to his time-jumping magic. [Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1] Her personal life had improved dramatically as well. Not only was she adored publicly but she had found romance in the arms of Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man. However, Wanda’s reality warp proved to have flaws and it was not long before a group of heroes were made aware of the changes her powers had wrought. Carol was one of the first heroes recruited to help confront Wanda and restore the world. This task did not come without a price. In the end, Wanda disappeared after uttering the fateful words “No more mutants.” The result was the massive de-powering of most of the planet’s mutant population in an event know as both “M-Day” and the “Decimation.” [House of M (1st series) #2-6]


After reality reset, Carol found herself experiencing a moment of clarity. In the House of M, she had achieved more than she ever had in her own reality, and she was now determined to make that success a reality in this one. When the new Avengers went public, Captain America offered Ms. Marvel a spot on the team, but she decided she wasn't ready for that yet. Carol insisted on making her own star rise rather than tying it to the Avengers again. [New Avengers (1st series) #15] Nevertheless, she remained a functioning reservist for the team. Carol stood by her friend Jessica Jones as her pregnancy came to term and helped fight off the Super-Adaptoid when Jess married the Avengers' Luke Cage. [The Pulse #12-13, New Avengers Annual #1] She also responded to an emergency alert to confront the Collective, the near-sentient mass of all mutant energies taken during the Decimation. In this fight, Ms. Marvel learned that her Binary powers were still available to her -- she only needed to absorb enough energy to trigger her cosmic transformation again. [New Avengers (1st series) #17-20]

In the wake of House of M and the team's public debut, the government became concerned about the unsanctioned activities of this new team of Avengers and decided to use the Thunderbolts as a means to send them a warning. Despite Carol’s reservations, she helped to coordinate a plan that would let the government get a handle on this new and untested team of Avengers. With the element of surprise and superior teamwork and planning, the Thunderbolts defeated the Avengers in combat. They presented a clear message: should the government have reason for concern regarding the Avengers' activities, the T-Bolts were waiting in the wings to take them down. During the battle, the Thunderbolts also planted miniature surveillance devices in Avengers Tower. The choices that her position with Homeland Security had forced her to make were unsettling for Carol and made her reconsider her position there. [New Thunderbolts #13-14]

Ms. Marvel quit her job at the Department of Homeland Security to begin her self-improvement campaign. She enlisted Sarah Day as her publicist as well to begin managing her affairs. While on patrol, Carol spotted a UFO entering Earth's atmosphere. After it crashed near Spaulding, Georgia, Ms. Marvel found herself facing a Brood hive invasion. She killed as many Sleezoids as she could before interrogating the last. The Brood were running from a Brood-hunter called Cru, a devastatingly powerful techno-organic entity. The Brood had tricked Cru into believing NASA's Cavourite Crystals could be used as a weapon. In fact, improperly harnessing the unstable crystal's energies could wipe out half the life on the planet.

Ms. Marvel pursued Cru to an Air Force base near Spaulding where the Cavourite Crystals were being kept, but she was too late. Cru had already implanted a crystal into the bio-morphic technology of its arm. Unable to communicate with Cru directly in the time at hand, Carol tried to forcibly get Cru and the crystal up into space. Earth survived the eruption, but Spaulding and nearly 3,000 people died in the catastrophe. In the outer atmosphere, Ms. Marvel and Cru battled over the crystal, with Carol unable to do serious damage to her adversary. Finally, she plunged her hand into Cru's crystal-enhanced arm cannon and blew it apart from the inside. Cru was seemingly dispersed along with the crystal, and Carol suffered severe injuries as she crashed back to the Earth below. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #1-3]

Amidst the media coverage of the Spaulding disaster, Sarah managed to get an exclusive interview with Ms. Marvel set up to discuss the developments. Unfortunately, Sir Warren Traveler chose that moment to re-materialize in Carol's life. He (and Carol's feline projectile) had skipped over the House of M reversion wave due to Traveler's time-jumping, reappearing as they were in that other reality. Ms. Marvel fought against Traveler with the help of Doctor Strange, displacing him once more. Feeling responsible for the cat, Carol adopted the feline from another world and named her Chewie. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #4-5]

Hot on the heels of the Spaulding disaster, the massacre in Stamford, Connecticut due to the New Warriors' recklessness was set to turn the public against super-heroes. Iron Man and several others got behind the new Superhuman Registration Act being pushed through Congress, while Captain America rejected registration and went underground with a group of vigilantes. [Civil War (1st series) #1-2] Carol was approached by Captain America, an was honored by his show of respect. But she couldn't bring herself to actively oppose the law once it was passed. Instead, Ms. Marvel began working with Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. to hunt down unregistered superhumans. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #6]

Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man became partners, working with the ill-named "Cape-Killers" initiative for S.H.I.E.L.D. Carol did her best to apply the law fairly when it was an option. She and Simon approached Ana Corazon, a teenaged super-hero named Araña, and helped initiate her into the program. With her father's permission, Carol began personally training Ana under the Act. Not all Registration business was so easy, however. Julia Carpenter, the former Avenger called Arachne, betrayed the Registration forces to help her boyfriend Shroud and others escape, sending dozens of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to the hospital in the process. When Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man hunted her down, they were forced to fight Julia and take her into custody in front of her daughter Rachel. The experience was traumatizing to Rachel and Araña questioned whether Carol and the Registration forces were doing the right thing. Privately, Carol was broken up about the incident as well. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #6-8]

One day while meeting Simon for lunch, Carol confronted a massive alien known as the Keeper. Which was confusing, since the Keeper was a fictional character Carol created for her Binary prose novel publication a few years before. She met a boy named Gavin who had been experimented on by A.I.M. and had the power to actively project anything he read aloud for others to see, hear and touch. The Binary novel got away from Gavin, however, and Carol helped him use his powers to change the story and imagine his own ending. Once Gavin realized he didn't need a medium to focus his powers, he became supremely powerful. Gavin summarily dismissed the A.I.M. agents who tried to reclaim him and sent Carol back to her lunch, wondering whether she had made a huge mistake in awakening Gavin's potential. [Ms. Marvel Special #1]

In a bizarre encounter, Ms. Marvel joined forces with Rogue of the X-Men against a parallel doppelganger of herself, still going by Warbird. This version of Carol never recovered spiritually from Rogue's attack or her bout of alcoholism. She began traveling realities killing every Rogue she could find, and also killing any Carol Danvers she deemed too weak to live, which was all of them. Despite Warbird's heinous actions, Ms. Marvel had trouble siding with Rogue against herself. She even put Rogue in the ICU while keeping her out of the fight, deeply cooling her friendship with Hank McCoy as a result. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #9-10]

It wasn't all bad, though. Rogue and Warbird's battle damaged a restaurant owned by a William Wagner, and he and Carol were smitten with each other from first glance. Carol went back the next day to ask him out, and they had an excellent dinner together. William seemed more interested in Carol than in Ms. Marvel, talking about her Air Force career and writing instead of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. They returned to her apartment but were interrupted before they got comfortable by Araña coming by for a patrol. Ana found an A.I.M. scientist spying outside Carol's window, so Carol reluctantly sent William home and suited up as Ms. Marvel.

The A.I.M. agent directed Ms. Marvel and Araña to a secret A.I.M. storage facility nearby where Carol's old enemy Kerwin Korman, the Doomsday Man, had been held. Ms. Marvel instructed Araña to wait outside and call for backup if she didn't emerge. Doomsday Man escaped and began devastating the facility, unleashing the contagious combat-zombies known as the Targoths. Carol made physical contact with the Targoths in the fighting, and her genetic code began transmuting into one of them. Araña disobeyed orders and got involved in the fight, leading to the Doomsday Man forcibly ripping off her second-skin carapace, causing her severe injury. Furious over what had been done to Ana, Ms. Marvel somehow shook off her Targoth infection like it was nothing and ripped Korman out of his Doomsday Man life support, ending the fight. Araña was hospitalized and Carol had to face her sidekick's angry father for letting his daughter suffer while under her care. Mr. Corazon took out a restraining order against Ms. Marvel to keep her away from Ana. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #11-12]

While all this was going on in Carol's private life, the Superhuman Civil War raged on. Ms. Marvel fought alongside Iron Man, Wonder Man and others in the final battle when Captain America ultimately surrendered. [Civil War (1st series) #6-7] Cap's death while in custody shortly thereafter was a blow to everyone, however. Many of his Avengers remained underground and unregistered in protest. Carol became frustrated with Tony that S.H.I.E.L.D. was spending so much time hunting heroes instead of focusing on real threats. When Iron Man called her to the scene of an A.I.M. attack in Indianapolis, using a G-TAC Scrambler (or "DNA bomb") to kill dozens, she went so far as to punch him right in his smug face plate. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #13]