Publication Date: 
14th Feb 2015
Written By: 
Real Name

Gaveedra Seven / Benjamin Russell

Former Aliases

Star Face


6' 3"


95 lbs.

Hair color




First appearance

New Mutants
(1st series) #99

Known Relatives

Longshot (father / "son"),
Allison Blaire (mother),
Windsong (intended bride)


private investigator,
former arena fighter, revolutionary

Group Affiliation

X-Factor Investigations, formerly X-Force, Cadre Alliance


heightened strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and senses,
as well as a hyper-regenerative cellular structure
intuitive learning abilities allow him to gather and process information at an incredible rate
absorbs harmonic sound frequencies and metabolizes them into his "force of will", a vibratory shockwave channeled through his swords
able to open dimensional portals to teleport anywhere a person he is "connected" to can visualize, also focused through his swords
wears a pair of retractable cutting blades up his sleeves, forged out of science and magic, which are capable of penetrating almost any substance, these produce a mild electrical current on contact which make them unwieldy for anyone other than him, and serve as a medium for his transport power or force of will, even when physically separated from him
occasionally carries a short dagger and throwing stars