Publication Date: 14th Feb 2015
Written By: Monolith.
Alternate Versions

In the alternate future depicted in the Shattershot crossover, Cable eventually fulfilled his original promise to Shatterstar, bringing X-Force back to Mojoworld to end the rule of Mojo V. As leader and figurehead of the rebellion, Shatterstar was placed in charge of the new Freeman Armed Network as the Master Programmer for his people. Ten years later, however, the Bipeds had clearly not learned from the past. The Bipeds and Spineless Ones had merely exchanged roles, with the Bipeds ensuring their dominance over their former oppressors by forcing them to fight daily for their right to live in the same arenas the Freemen once fought in. Shatterstar did not enjoy the ritualized retribution that his people enacted on the Spineless Ones, and came to doubt the network's existence. His doubts were given form when Arize, creator of the Biped race, traveled to Earth and brought back X-Force to once again free Mojoworld from oppression. Shatterstar turned on the network he had helped found and fought alongside this new rebellion to ensure true equality between the Bipeds and Spineless Ones.

In the potential future depicted in X-Men: The End, Shatterstar was a member of the X-Force team that responded to aid the X-Men when they were attacked by a coalition of their greatest enemies. While fighting Shaitan, 'Star was co-opted by the villain Technarx. He was forced to attack Cable and fatally stabbed him. Shatterstar was fully absorbed into Technarx's techno-organic collective and ceased to exist as an individual as a result.