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Life went on for Rogue, Mystique and Destiny as if nothing had happened. In time, Destiny received precognitive visions that warned her about the Avenger known as Ms. Marvel one day costing Rogue her soul. She discussed it with Mystique, who then vowed to not allow this, even if it would kill her. In the room next door, Rogue overheard only the last part and decided to hunt down Ms. Marvel herself to protect her mother. [Marvel Super-Heroes (3rd series) #11] However, Ms. Marvel had vanished from Earth and the Avengers' active roster, having been taken to Limbo by Marcus, were nowhere to be found.

When Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made their public debut, Destiny had convinced Mystique to keep Rogue back from the mission as a failsafe. Destiny proved to be correct, for all of the Brotherhood, save for Mystique, were captured in their first mission by the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #141-142]

Somewhat later, Rogue learned that Carol Danvers had returned and was now living in San Francisco. Unaware that this would actually cause the danger that Destiny had predicted, she tracked Danvers down and battled her on the Golden Gate Bridge. Carol resisted Rogue’s absorption effect like nobody before and something went wrong. Rogue found that, somehow, her metabolism had fully absorbed and  permanently retained Ms. Marvel's mind and powers. Fearing for her own sanity and identity, as she kept hearing Carol's voice in her head, Rogue threw Danvers’ body off the bridge, hoping that her physical death would also kill the voice in her head. Luckily for Danvers, she was rescued by Spider-Woman, who brought the comatose woman to a hospital, where later Professor Charles Xavier could partially restore her memories (though not the emotional ties attached to them). [Marvel Super-Heroes (3rd series) #11]

Under Mystique’s guidance, Rogue proceeded to attack the Avengers one by one, absorbing the powers of Thor and Captain America and, along with Raven impersonating Nick Fury, she tried to free the rest of the Brotherhood from prison. However, the remaining Avengers and Spider-Woman arrived in time to prevent the breakout. As most of her stolen powers were already fading, Rogue escaped with Mystique to avoid being captured as well. [Avengers Annual (1st series) #10]

Several weeks later, the X-Men sneaked into the Pentagon with the help of Carol Danvers to delete the files they had on the X-Men. In one of the corridors, they ran into Rogue — who was there thanks to Mystique's secret identity as a government agent — and, immediately, a fight erupted. Rogue absorbed both Wolverine and Storm but, inexperienced with the weather powers, she could not control them. After regaining consciousness, Storm created an air vortex to carry Rogue away, as she did not want to endanger the Pentagon personnel by a fight. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #158]

Soon, Mystique tried once more to spring her teammates from prison. Rogue and Mystique easily defeated the guards but Rom the Spaceknight discovered the breakout. He easily rendered the Blob, Pyro and Avalanche unconscious, because they fought unorganized. Mystique was angry about them not following her orders and decided to leave them in prison for a while longer. Searching for new allies, Mystique, Destiny and Rogue found Hybrid (a half-human, half-Dire Wraith) and offered to team up with him against their common enemies: Rom and the X-Men. In combat with Rom, Rogue touched his Galadorian armor and absorbed some of his inherent nobility in the process. When Hybrid revealed his plans to turn the entire Earth, even mutants, into his slaves and cattle, the mutant trio opposed him before fleeing. While Rom battled Hybrid alone, Rogue showed potential for goodness the first time, as she went back against Mystique’s orders, finding she could not bring herself to leave without helping the Spaceknight. [Rom #31-32]

Wanting revenge on the X-Men for having spoiled their plan to assassinate Senator Kelly, Mystique and her partners assaulted the Angel, the only X-Man whose true identity was publicly known. During the fight, Rogue was supposed to absorb the knowledge of the X-Men’s whereabouts from Worthington’s mind, but she freaked out. Rogue did not want to use her powers on him, as his wings were a physical mutation and she feared what effect absorbing such a physical power would have on her. While distracted with their own problems, Dazzler, who at the time was dating the Angel, took Rogue and Mystique by surprise with her light powers.

Rogue then developed a grudge against Dazzler, the woman who had everything that she wanted. Having been a fan of her music before, she now saw that Alison Blaire had also a controllable mutant power and a beautiful boyfriend. She fought Dazzler a few more times until the songstress went into hiding with her secret of being a mutant having been publicly outed. [Dazzler #22-24, 28]

Slowly, the personality and memories that Rogue had permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel began to overpower Rogue‘s mind, affecting her control and her sanity. Finally, after she saw that Mystique clearly couldn't aid her with her problems, she turned to Charles Xavier and the X-Men, her greatest foes, and asked for help. Xavier telepathically examined Rogue and found that she was genuine in her request and he agreed to take her in, despite the X-Men's adamant opposition. Their major concern was the effect it would have on Carol Danvers, by then using the alias and new powers of Binary, who had been living at the mansion ever since Rogue had attacked her.

When she returned home, Carol knocked Rogue through the roof and straight into orbit, before announcing that she would leave if Rogue was allowed to stay. She then followed the Starjammers invitation to accompany them to outer space, as she no longer had any emotional ties to her friends and family holding her back – all because of Rogue. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #171]

Shortly after moving into the X-Men's headquarters, Rogue changed her hair back to its original style with the single white streak, possibly to reflect her inner change and to support the idea of a fresh start.

Naturally, the X-Men were suspicious of the former enemy among their ranks, especially Wolverine, who was good friends with Carol Danvers due to the time they worked together as spies years before. However, slowly but surely, Rogue gained the X-Men’s trust, for example, by risking her own life to save Wolverine’s fiancé, Mariko Yashida. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #173]