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The Unity Division struggled to find their footing after Hydra's takeover. With Deadpool gone, the Schaeffer Theatre was no longer available, so they began squatting in the ruins of Avengers Mansion. Fortunately, the Human Torch managed to buy the mansion back for the team, making their stay official. With Deadpool and Medusa out of their lives, Rogue and Johnny began drifting closer to one another again. The Unity Division was also forced to deal with major threats like Graviton and Juggernaut. In the latter encounter, Quicksilver ignored Rogue's orders and his impulsiveness led to Synapse being seriously injured. He refused to accept responsibility for the incident, and left the team during a quarrel with Rogue and the other members. [Uncanny Avengers (3rd series) #26-30]

Rogue and the Unity Division joined forces with the other Avengers teams during a cosmic game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger. Rogue struggled to share command with Falcon and Sunspot, and grieved when the Human Torch was seemingly killed during the fight. By the end of the conflict, the Torch was found alive, but the mansion was destroyed again and many members of the Avengers teams were lost or gravely injured. Rogue and the Avengers decided to go their separate ways for a time, until Earth's Mightiest Heroes were needed once more. [Avengers (1st series) #675-690]

With the disbanding of the Avengers, Rogue found herself reconnecting with her roots as an X-Man. She returned to the Xavier Institute (now located in Central Park) just as the main team was sent to prison after being set up by Mesmero. Rogue and Iceman found themselves as senior X-Men-on-site, and put together a new roster to fill out the ranks in the meantime. Rogue was instrumental in pushing Iceman to accept the new Pyro, formerly of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, onto the team. Recalling her own experiences, Rogue reminded Bobby that redemption had been a part of the X-Men for a very long time. [X-Men: Gold #23-25]

Returning to the X-Men also brought Gambit back into Rogue's orbit. They crossed paths when an ad hoc team of X-Men assembled to battle Shadow King and Proteus. Farouk's manipulations on the astral plane unearthed their past feelings, putting the duo off balance around each other. [Astonishing X-Men (4th series) #1-12] Gambit was interested in rekindling old fires, but Rogue felt as if they couldn't return to how things were. Her inability to touch people again also made her unwilling to fall back into the dynamic she and Gambit shared when they first met. All of which meant they were perhaps not in the best position emotionally to go undercover at a couples' therapy retreat. Kitty Pryde had determined numerous mutants had gone missing in and around Ciudad Paraiso, and needed some X-Men to infiltrate the resort community to do some snooping. Rogue and Gambit's relationship status made them a perfect team for the mission (tactically speaking, at least). [Rogue & Gambit #1]

The trip did not start out well as Remy told Rogue about all the people who called him about her kissing Deadpool. Their therapy sessions with Dr. Grand covered a litany of lies, betrayals and hurt feelings, starting from their disagreement over when they first met to when the trust that had been lost between them in Antarctica. Their relationship began to heal, though, in part because of Grand's secret: she herself was a mutant feeding off of the emotional energy of their memories. Over time, Rogue and Remy found themselves more at peace with each other emotionally, but they were also losing their powers and losing time. They took the opportunity to reconnect, but still had the wherewithal to recognize something was wrong.

While exploring the medical facility, they discovered Dr. Grand was creating doppelgangers of them. These homunculi housed their stolen powers and memories. By destroying the other person's golems, Rogue and Remy inadvertently absorbed some of each other's most intimate memories about one another, giving them new insight into their partner's mind. They defeated Lavish (Dr. Grand's other identity) and helped restore the powers and memories of all the victimized mutants they had come to save.

Afterwards, Rogue and Gambit reconciled completely. She reflected on how their relationship was so messed up when it started under mind control, leaving her with doubts about how much of it was their choice; on how she had never known another man before Remy, just snippets of stolen experiences from other minds, and wasn't sure how real her feelings were for him until she had other experiences of her own to compare it to. In the end, Rogue finally decided that, as messy as their time together had been, she would never trade it for anything else in the world. As the last of Lavish's powers faded, restoring theirs, the reunited couple shared one last kiss. [Rogue & Gambit #1-5]

Returning to the fold in time for the marriage of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, Rogue and Gambit were as surprised as anyone when the wedding failed at the altar. Kitty couln't go through with their vows, leaving Peter crushed and the wedding guests awkwardly attending the reception dinner afterwards without a bride and groom. The X-Men talked about how marriage wasn't always the best decision for everyone, even if you loved each other, unless you truly could not see your life without that other person. Seizing an impulse, Gambit walked over to Rogue and proposed on the spot. Their recent trials had left him more convinced than ever that she was the woman for him. Rogue accepted and, with Kitty and Peter's blessing, they reassembled the guests and went forward with a wedding of their own. At this moment, and hopefully for all moments in the days to come, the future looks bright for Rogue and Gambit. [X-Men: Gold #30]