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The exposure to the drug that had created Cloak and Dagger began mutating both Rahne and Sunspot in different ways, making Sunspot depressed and edgy, while Rahne started to develop a second life as a beautiful woman. Eventually, while under the influence of this second personality, Rahne attacked Cloak and Dagger, robbing the pair of their powers and adding them to hers and Sunspots. An attempt of Magik’s to cure Rahne and Roberto backfired and it was only due to Cloak and Dagger’s willingness to sacrifice their newfound humanity, along with the help of Illyana and several X-Men, that the two were cured. Rahne, however, was left with the knowledge that the beauty she’d been was part of her potential. [New Mutants (1st series) #22-25]


A short while later, Xavier and several New Mutants visited Muir Isle. As they visited the mainland, Rahne had an unpleasant confrontation with her former guardian, Reverend Craig. She sought out Moira shortly thereafter. Rahne had always been in awe of her new guardian, “Lady Moira,” whom she considered above her in station, but she was finally starting to accept Moira as an adoptive mother. [New Mutants (1st series) #26]

Some time later, the New Mutants had become stranded in different parts of Asgard. Rahne met a wolf prince, Hrimhari, a sentient wolf who had a transitional form like hers and grew confused as she fell in love with him, feelings she considered wicked. Nothing came of this, though, as the mutants all had to leave Asgard soon thereafter. Actually, they were given the choice to stay but the entire group would have been forced to do so and, while Rahne yearned to spend more time with the prince, she renounced her love for the sake of her friends. [New Mutants Special Edition #1, Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #9]

Back on Earth, the New Mutants had several run-ins with the godlike Beyonder, who at one point decided to kill them and erase all memory of them. He eventually brought them back but, with the exception of Dani and Warlock, the incident had left the mutants in some sort of zombie state, lacking any emotion or happiness. The school’s new headmaster, Magneto, was puzzled how to get his young charges out of their lethargy, and eventually asked the White Queen for help. This led to most of the team transferring to Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy and joining the Hellions. The White Queen erased their memories of the painful events.On a surface level, it seemed that the teenagers were themselves again but Emma sensed that there still was something amiss. Meanwhile, Magneto found out that he had been tricked by Empath, who had increased his feelings of self-doubt and despair, thus prompting the decision to transfer the kids. Angrily, he tried to get his charges back but Emma Frost called the local authorities, who in turn, summoned the Avengers to detain Magneto. Luckily, the New Mutants learned about the fight and helped him. The White Queen decided to try another approach and offered to help the kids together with Magneto. This time, the New Mutants came out fine, her telepathic powers and Magneto’s emotional concern restoring them to their old selves. With the Mutants deciding to return to Xavier’s school, Emma departed peacefully. However, she left her invitation open. [Secret Wars II #9, New Mutants (1st series) #38-40]

To recover, Rahne took a vacation and visited Moira on Muir Island. There, she almost fell victim to Legion when his psychopathic personality took over. Feeling her injuries through their rapport, Dani alerted the other New Mutants and they left for Muir. They worked together to stop Legion from destroying Ullapool but, when Reverend Craig showed up to blame and insult Rahne, the angry girl shouted they should let Legion destroy the town. The others were left to wonder if Rahne would really have allowed Legion to go that far. [New Mutants (1st series) #44]


A little later, the New Mutants were chased by Warlock’s father, the alien Magus, and became lost in time as Magik teleported them away. They ended up in the Scottish Highlands during the late Middle Ages, embroiled in a battle between the Scottish and the English. Rahne automatically took the Scottish side against the English invaders and the rest of the team followed suit. It turned out that the man they helped was Scotland’s most famous King, Robert the Bruce. The king gave them shelter until they decided to teleport back and he gave Rahne a gift she’d treasure, an emerald necklace. In return, Rahne left him her X-belt, puzzling historians for ages to come. [New Mutants (1st series) #47]

After some more adventures, the mutants happily returned from their jaunt through time and it was business as usual, though Rahne mellowed a little towards Illyana. During one of Lila Cheney’s parties, Rahne started to fall for another teammate, Cypher aka Douglas Ramsey, and, for once, this was a crush that was reciprocated. [New Mutants (1st series) #55]

That happiness wasn’t to last, though. The New Mutants adopted a new quasi-teammate – the half-animal, half-sentient bird hybrid Bird-Brain on Rahne’s urging. At one point, the mutants snuck out on a mission to help their new friend, Bird-Brain, against Magneto’s express orders. They became embroiled in a battle with a mad scientist called the Ani-Mator, Bird-Brain’s creator, and the mutant-hating group, The Right. Cypher saved Rahne by pushing her when the Animator shot at her, thus ending up hit himself. Doug died without the others even noticing during the fight.

The mutants felt horrible afterwards, especially as, in the aftermath of that tragedy, they learned that the X-Men had seemingly also had perished around that time. Rahne was the one who gave the others the incentive that they couldn’t afford to be kids anymore. As a result, the New Mutants tried to replace the X-Men. [New Mutants (1st series) #59-61]