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24th August 2010

Under Attack

A force for freedom, or liabilities of liberty? Following the facial close-ups from the 2099 logo, we aimed for something very different in terms of image size, and also in the choice of the theme. While previously, we had mainly focused on current or past rosters of hero teams, Freedom Force marks the first villain group to be showcased in the logo. Just like Daytripper, who suggested this theme, many have still a soft spot in their hearts for Mystique’s group, who didn’t even try to hide that they were using their status as governmental employees to get back at the X-Men.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Blob, Spiral, Crimson Commando, Spider-Woman II, Avalanche, Mystique, Super Sabre, Pyro, Stonewall, Destiny (left to right)
Images used:

- Blob and Pyro from Avengers: Death Trap - The Vault
- Spiral, Super Sabre and Stonewall from their biographies at
- Crimson Commando from Uncanny X-Men #223
- Spider-Woman II from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe XXEdition #12
- Avalanche from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition XX#1
- Mystique from Uncanny X-Men #177
- Destiny from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead
Online:December 2008 to July 2009

You know things are bad when Emma wears black We’d like to claim that we waited with a new logo until the debut of Norman Osborn’s dark X-Men to continue with the “bad guys logos” theme, but the truth is the previous logo had stayed online way longer than expected for various internal reasons. At least the Dark X-Men appearance logo provided a good reason to get the logo ball rolling again and, with them only appearing in a crossover, it was clear we’d have to replace the logo soon thereafter.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Namor, Mimic, Wolverine II/Daken, Emma Frost, Weapon Omega, Dagger, Cloak, Dark Beast, Norman Osborn (left to right)
Images used:

- Namor and Emma Frost from Uncanny X-Men #513
- Mimic, Daken, Weapon Omega, Dagger and Cloak from Dark Avengers #7
- Dark Beast from X-Men (2nd series) #201
- Norman Osborn from Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1
Online:August to mid September 2009

You can run but you can’t hide While X-Factor was not a villain group per se, there surely was this phase when the government forced known criminals such as Mystique and Sabretooth onto the team to work off their penalties in the service of the state. However, by doing so, the government actually alienated the other members of X-Factor so much that, eventually, the entire team severed their ties to the government and went underground after faking their deaths. Jeff Matsuda’s superb art, to hear Mesmerizer describe it, was perfect for this dark age in the team’s history.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Wild Child, Shard, Mystique, Polaris, Forge, Sabretooth, Val Cooper, Havok (left to right)
Images used:

- Wild Child from X-Factor (1st series) #127
- Shard, Polaris and Mystique from X-Factor (1st series) #129
- Forge from X-Factor (1st series) #122
- Sabretooth from X-Factor (1st series) #142
- Val Cooper from X-Factor (1st series) #123
- Havok from X-Factor (1st series) #131
Online:mid September to October 2009

Alien Bodysnatchers The next mini-event also focused on some of the X-Men’s most dangerous enemies, the alien Brood. Just like the Phalanx, they are so deadly because they are capable of infecting their enemies and slowly but surely transform them into Brood. That way, the Brood not only gain access to their victim’s memories, but also their powers. Binaryan had a huge part in making this event happen, and he also suggested most images for the logo.

Design by:Peter Luzifer
Characters:various Brood, crystalized Brood Queen, Empress, First-Born (left to right)
Images used:

- two lurking Brood, Empress and First-Born from X-Men Brood Day of XXWrath #1
- flying Brood from Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #22
- standard Brood from Uncanny X-Men #165
- Brood firing blaster and crystallized Brood Queen from Ms. Marvel (2nd XXseries) #23
Online:mid October 2009

X-Men: Necrosha To time with the Necrosha Crossover, running through New Mutants, X-Force & the X-Men Legacy titles, Douglas Mangum suggested a new logo, highlighting Selene, the key player behind the story. With help of the T-O virus stolen from Bastion, Selene planned to use dead and buried mutants to haunt the X-Men and achieve her goal of becoming a god.

Design by:Dean Clayton

Wolverine, Selene, Warlock, Archangel, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magik, Domino, Rogue (left to right)
Images used:
all from X-Men: Necrosha one-shot
Online:mid November 2009 to January 2010

Professor in class The New Mutants logo had been lying around in our databanks for some time but there was always some other logo that needed to see a timed release instead. While the teenage mutants probably do not fit the villain theme of the previous logos, it was too good an image to put to waste. Besides, with Magik, Cypher and Warlock all back from the dead…. the team was almost back to its original nine members who all studied under Xavier. Come to think of it – when the Professor founded the New Mutants way back, he was actually infected by a Brood egg, and at least partially influenced by it to recruit new hosts for the parasitic aliens. There you go; this logo fits the bad guy theme too.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Wolfsbane, Mirage II, Cannonball, Sunspot, Karma, Cypher I, Warlock, Magik I, Magma (left to right)
Images used:

- Wolfsbane, Mirage, Cannonball, Sunspot and Karma from Marvel Graphic XXNovel #4
- Magma from New Mutants (1st series) #12
- Cypher and Magik from Nova (4th series) #11
- Warlock from Fallen Angels #1
Online:February to March 2010

Premium style - Gold & Diamonds This so-called premium style logo was published along the 2009 April Fool’s Day joke. We claimed that the site would charge money for special services…. Now, did that make us the “bad guys” of this logo? Probably not – as we shuffle that role to the villains inside the logo. With two established bad guys and two reforming villains, that’s all the bad-ass-ness that’s needed. Anyway, in case it wasn’t obvious enough, every character in the image can either be connected to gold or to diamonds.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Gilded Lily, Husk, Emma Frost, Elixir, Bling!, Diamond Lil, Jack O’Diamonds, Alchemy (left to right)
Images used:

- Gilded Lily from Alpha Flight (1st series) #21
- Husk from X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #20
- Emma Frost from Dark Reign: X-Men - The List
- Elixir from New X-Men (2nd series) #2
- Bling! from X-Men: Legacy #228
- Diamond Lil from Alpha Flight (1st series) #28
- Jack O’Diamonds from X-Men (1st series) #41
- Alchemy from X-Factor (1st series) #41
Online:April to mid-May 2010

What bitter prize victory The events of Second Coming are still fresh on everyone’s minds. Hope is here to stay and it remains to be seen whether she (and the upcoming story material) was worth the deaths of several other characters. Wolverine actually sums it up perfectly….

Design by:Peter Luzifer
Characters:Ariel, Nightcrawler, Vanisher, Hope Summers, Wolverine (left to right)
Images used:

- Ariel from Fallen Angels #7
- Nightcrawler and Hope Summers from X-Men - Second Coming
- Vanisher from X-Force (3rd series) #9
- Wolverine from X-Men - Second Coming: Prepare
Online:mid-May to early mid-August 2010