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24th August 2010

Next Generations and New Incarnations

Another one bites the dust The one X-book that was changed most during Decimation was New X-Men. Many of the young students at Xavier’s found themselves depowered and were sent away from the mansion, only to be killed by the likes of Reverend Stryker. The new creative team was shortly thereafter criticized for there hardly being an issue not containing the death of a character since they took over, making the title one of the most controversial series at the time. Reason enough for the UXN to highlight the main cast members in our site logo; and hey, three issues later, all of them were still alive!

Design by:Peter Luzifer

X-23, Elixir, Hellion, Rockslide, Mercury V, Dust II, Surge IV, Stepford Cuckoos, Anole, Pixie (left to right)
Images used:

- X-23 and Hellion from New X-Men (2nd series) #26
- Elixir from New X-Men (2nd series) #25
- Rockslide, Stepford Cuckoos, Anole and Pixie from New X-Men Yearbook XXSpecial
- Mercury from New X-Men (2nd series) #29
- Dust from New X-Men (2nd series) #6
- Surge from New X-Men (2nd series) #24
Online:mid-May 2006 to mid-July 2006

The Rise of Brubaker (and no Fall in sight) The limited series X-Men: Deadly Genesis sure lived up to its hype and, suddenly, the name Ed Brubaker was in everyone’s mouth. In fact, this promising writer showed to have such a deep understanding of the X-Men, that Marvel offered him a run on the first and foremost X-book: Uncanny X-Men. With his first issue, he not only set up the direction for his 12-part story arc, but also gave the book a different feel to distinguish it from the other X-Men titles and introduced his major cast members, re-establishing each character’s personality with a few lines of dialogue.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Marvel Girl III, Darwin, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Warpath, Havok, Lilandra, Deathbird, Vulcan, Professor Xavier (left to right)
Images used:

- Marvel Girl, Havok from Uncanny X-Men #475
- Darwin from X-Men Deadly Genesis #4
- Nightcrawler from Uncanny X-Men #448
- Polaris from Uncanny X-Men #478
- Warpath from Uncanny X-Men #476
- Lilandra from Peter Sanderson’s Ultimate X-Men guide
- Deathbird from Avengers (1st series) #346
- Vulcan from Uncanny X-Men #477
- Xavier from Uncanny X-Men #387
Online:mid-July 2006 to August 2006

Supernovas With Ed Brubaker on Uncanny X-Men, Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo were hired as the new creative team on the adjectiveless X-Men book. The Supernovas arc introduced several X-Men villains seemingly reforming and joining an X-Men team led by Rogue. Of course what actually happened was the return of the Marauders, the destruction of Cable’s haven, Providence, and Rogue absorbing way more personalities than she could cope with. Bachalo’s art was a perfect match for that chaotic time.

Design by:Dean Clayton

Sabretooth, Aurora, Iceman, Northstar, Cable, Rogue, Mystique, Iceman (left to right)
Images used:

- Sabretooth, Aurora, Iceman, Northstar, Cable and Rogue from X-Men XX(2nd series) #188
- Mystique and Iceman from X-Men (2nd series) #190
Online:September-November 2006 For a few days during August, UXN celebrated its 6th birthday, and so the logo was adorned with Birthday balloons.

You will be remembered

The X-Men wouldn’t be what they are today without the designs of Dave Cockrum. It was his designs, along with the writing of Len Wein and Chris Claremont, that upgraded Marvel’s merry mutants from cancelation to the company’s top franchise. Cockrum provided the visual designs for Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird and the Phoenix costume, yet he never saw any royalties for his work. When he passed away in 2006, we honored the gentleman with a logo dedicated to the era that re-ignited the X-Men mythos.

Design by:Peter LuziferCharacters:

Wolverine, Phoenix II, Colossus, Storm, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Banshee (left to right)
Images used:all from a Dave Cockrum pin-up in Classic X-Men #8
Online:December 2006 to January 2007

The future hope of mutant kind

Since the original X-Men were replaced by the all-new, all-different group, many of these characters have progressed. Appearing in both logo versions, the Banshee serves as an obvious example for such character growth. Initially an Interpol agent thinking about retirement, he came to tutor the latest class of gifted youngsters that enrolled at the Xavier Institute. Generation X, as they came to call themselves, displayed some remarkable abilities and Banshee and his co-headmistress, Emma Frost, had their hands full keeping their students out of trouble.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Jubilee, Synch, Chamber, Husk, Skin, M II, Penance II, Banshee, Emma Frost (left to right)
Images used:

- Jubilee and Synch from Generation X #49
- Chamber, Emma and Banshee from Generation X #43
- Husk from Generation X #44
- Skin from Generation X #46
- M from Generation X #46
- Penance from Generation X #60
Online:February to mid-March 2007

A legend lives on… for a brief while

Generation X wasn’t the only X-book that had been canceled after a long, successful run. Sometimes also described as the “European X-Men,” Excalibur had ended in 1998 after 125 regular issues and over a half-dozen Annuals, Specials and One-Shots. Eight years later, the mythos was started again with two former members, Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom, and a bunch of unused X-characters forming a New Excalibur. Unfortunately this book wasn’t as successful as its predecessor.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Nocturne, Pete Wisdom, Juggernaut, Dazzler II, Sage, Captain Britain, Black Knight IV, Lionheart, Psylocke (left to right)
Images used:

- Nocturne from New Excalibur #16
- Pete Widsom from Excalibur (1st series) #89
- Juggernaut and Dazzler from New Excalibur #5
- Sage from New Excalibur #17 (head) and #3 (body)
- Captain Britain from New Excalibur #1
- Black Knight from New Excalibur #14
- Lionheart from New Excalibur #4
- Psylocke from X-Men (2nd series) #17
Online:mid-March to mid-May 2007

Resistance is futile The 3500th entry of the site’ summary section was marked by a small Phalanx event. Rarely have Marvel’s mutant faced such a foe that could turn them into their worst enemy with a mere touch. Other than the actual crossover, we also produced some alien race entries and a Spotlight On… entry for Warlock. This Phalanx material was just half of the ideas we had in store for a huge Technology-themed event, which would have taken too long to prepare all at once.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Beast, Rogue, Phoenix IV, Douglock, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Cameron Hodge, Forge, Stephen Lang (left to right)
Images used:

- Beast and Psylocke from Uncanny X-Men #316
- Rogue from Uncanny X-Men #343
- Phoenix from Wolverine (2nd series) #85
- Douglock from Excalibur (1st series) #78
- Wolfsbane from X-Force (1st series) #38
- Hodge, Forge and Lang from X-Factor (1st series) #106
Online:mid to late-May 2007

Investigating the X The event logo was followed by another one featuring the line-up of a current book. Continuing the trend of previously canceled titles getting another shot, writer Peter David turned the new incarnation of X-Factor into a huge success. He took a bunch of B- and C-list characters and made them all interesting by focusing on old relationships, establishing new ones and giving each character a chance to shine. That’s probably why after more than four years he is still on the book, which since has returned to its original numbering.

Design by:Peter Luzifer

Wolfsbane, Siryn, Layla Miller, Strong Guy, Rictor, Multiple Man, M II, Dr. Leonard Samson, Quicksilver, Valerie Cooper (left to right)
Images used:

- Wolfsbane, Siryn, Strong Guy and M II from X-Factor (3rd series) #19
- Layla Miller, Rictor and Val Cooper from X-Factor (3rd series) #14
- Multiple Man from X-Factor (3rd series) #16
- Dr. Samson from X-Factor (3rd series) #13
- Quicksilver from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Online:June to mid-August 2007