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Publication Date: 30th Dec 2007
Written By: Peter Luzifer.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


The unexpected relationship provided Brent Jackson, the Director’s second in command, to strengthen his own position. At first he was only plotting behind the Director’s back, luring more and more agents to his side, like for example Wild Child by making good use of the man’s jealousy towards the Director. Eventually though, Jackson confronted Colcord more openly, pointing out the irony of a mutant-hater like him dating a mutant. The words rang in Colcord’s ears and, when he was alone with Aurora, he snapped and nearly beat her to death. He apologized right afterwards, but naturally she was afraid of him, and shied away from his touch. [Weapon X (2nd series) #9-11]

Caught up in his personal problems, Colcord realized too late that an Underground movement led by Cable had tracked down the Weapon X compound. Amidst the confusion of the battle, the Director cut up his face again (it representing the loss of his focus on the cause) and he ordered Aurora to take him and the brainwashed Madison Jeffries, perhaps his most valuable operative, out of there. Jeanne-Marie did as told, but once they had crossed a certain distance,  she dropped off Colcord and Jeffries in a desert, where she started to beat up her lover. Colcord was taken by surprise, as he didn’t think such a thing possible, because all Weapon X agents had implanted inhibitor chips that prevented them from attacking their superiors. Obviously, Aurora’s psyche had created a new personality to deal with her abusive trauma, one that was no longer loyal to the Director, and would not let herself be victimized again. At first, she intended to kill the man who had caused her so much pain but, seeing him beg for being put out of his misery, she decided that it would be much crueler to let him live and took off. [Weapon X (2nd series) #12-13, 22]

Aurora didn’t find any peace, though. The constant struggle in her psyche and the random switching of personalities kept her from living a normal life. Eventually, she decided to commit suicide, and for once all her different personalities were all in agreement. Just as Aurora was about to pull the trigger of the gun she was pointing at her head, her brother Northstar appeared, stopping her from shooting herself. Northstar had been through a series of troubling events himself, and was now under the influence of the Children of the Vault, a newly-emerged sub-species.

The Children brought Aurora under their mental control before they slightly altered the twins’ powers, adding a concussive element to the dazzling burst of light they created upon touching each other. With this new ability, Northstar and Aurora were sent to surprise-attack the X-Men, and they sure gave Xavier’s students a run for the money before they were detained. During the battle, Aurora was further confused by Mystique, who took advantage of her psychic disorder and shape-shifted into one of Aurora’s personalities. Mystique then argued with “her other self” and threatened to not go back into her head, leaving Jeanne-Marie all by herself. Obviously, this was a rather terrifying idea for Aurora, as she tried to force the renegade persona back in her head - physically. [X-Men (2nd series) #189-190]

Once the X-Men had dealt with the Children of the Vault, they started to look for a way to undo the brainwashing of Aurora and Northstar. They hoped that they could use a virtual reality device in combination with the telepathic powers of Cable and Emma Frost, to make Northstar and Aurora re-live their entire lives, memory by memory, though without the psychic fault lines.  However, halfway during the process, the X-Men were attacked by Exodus and the experiment apparently mis-fired, resulting in a mind-meld between Northstar and Aurora. When they woke up, they found that they were thinking each other’s thoughts and that they were more like one person with two minds, rather than separate individuals. Panicking, they tried to run away, only to realize they couldn’t outrun each other. The twins then faced their fears and linked hands, creating another one of their light bursts. In the past, this aspect of their powers had been shown to possess some healing capacities, and it worked this time as well, restoring brother and sister to their rightful selves. As an unexpected bonus, Aurora’s shattered psyche was apparently merged into one identity as well. [X-Men Annual (2rd series) #1]

It is unknown if Aurora and Northstar chose to stay at the Xavier Institute after helping to fight of Exodus and his minions. Presumably, though, they returned to Canada to come to terms with the many things that happened over the past months, also including the deaths of most of their teammates from the original Alpha Flight.