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Publication Date: 18th Jan 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Monolith.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Douglas Mangum.


Aurora kept true to her word, as even during the next few missions of Alpha Flight, she refused to address her brother or respond to his pleas for forgiveness. Not even the death of Alpha Flight’s founder and leader, Guardian, changed that. When several weeks later, Guardian’s wife, Heather, decided to honor his memory by keeping Alpha Flight running, she also contacted Northstar, but he turned her down, explaining that up til now he had only associated with the team because of his sister. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #12,18] 

At the same time, Aurora did her best to further separate herself from her twin. She had her lover, Sasquatch, alter her powers and, although now able to generate light on her own, she was no longer as fast as Jean-Paul. Sensing her “Jeanne-Marie“ personality surfacing again, she also gave herself a new hairdo and designed a revealing costume to strengthen the “Aurora“ side of her psyche.

Yet all this effort was useless as “Jeanne-Marie“ shortly gained dominance and, disgusted by the romantic affections of the “animal“ Sasquatch, she fled into the arms of her brother. Jean-Paul was quite surprised to find his sister knocking at his door, but took her in. At first, he was tempted to call Sasquatch and tell him she was safe, but then thought that this was the perfect chance to sort things out.

The next day, he took Jeanne-Marie to Clementine D’Arbanville, an old friend from his circus / terrorist days. Actually, Clementine had some problems, as her circus had been slowly infiltrated by Pink Pearl and her operatives. The obese woman had been hired to assassinate Canada’s prime minister and the U.S. president during a secret meeting. Knowing of Clementine’s terrorist past, Pearl had chosen to launch the bomb from the circus so that the Separatists would get blamed for the murders. During the crisis, “Aurora“ awoke and, together, the siblings handled the danger. However, she now knew of Northstar's past within the FLQ and threatened to tell the rest of Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #22]

When the X-Men picked up a psychic distress call from Cyclops and his wife, Madelyne, on their way to Alaska, they at first believed Alpha Flight responsible. The misunderstanding led to a brief battle, during which Rogue absorbed Northstar’s powers and memories, learning all his secrets. After the two teams pooled their resources to find what really was going on, Rogue apologized for the intrusion, explaining that she could not control her powers. The odd pair actually found they had much in common, both loners and outcasts among their teams. Yet while Northstar’s powers gave him everything in life - fame and fortune - Rogue could only hope of leading a real life without her powers. Only a few hours later, her wish came true. The heroes found the missing people in a strange Viking village, where a mysterious fire fountain granted them super-powers. Madelyne Pryor, now a healer, cured Rogue's unstable powers and, needing somebody to test if she could really control her powers, Northstar volunteered, much to everyone’s surprise.

As the gifts and miracle cures later turned out to be the doing of Loki, the Asgardian god of lies, it was clear that a price was involved - in this instance, all people involved with magic (Shaman, Snowbird, Talisman, etc.) were severely weakened and slowly dying. Everyone agreed that things needed to be set back to normal. Rogue again lost her cure but, in the short time the teams had worked together, she had gained a new friend in Northstar. [X-Men and Alpha Flight (1st series) #1-2]

Some weeks later, Northstar found himself summoned to an ancient magical place way up north. Talisman had called for him - Alpha Flight was about to enter the Realm of the Great Beasts to search for Walter Langkowski’s soul, which was lost as his body, actually possessed by Tanaraq of these Great Beasts, had been slain in battle. Upon hearing that Aurora still had not forgiven him, Northstar prepared to depart immediately, but Snowbird used some possessive power to make him stay and accompany them. Once in the lair of these Beasts, Alpha Flight learned that Walter’s soul was kept in the Well of Sorrows. To free it, three forces had to unite: love, hate and power. Aurora was obviously the love part and, against his objections, Northstar was chosen to represent hate. Talisman rounded up the trio and the three heroes ventured into the dark well - which turned out to be a trap nearly costing them their lives. In the end, Walter's soul freed itself and the team returned to Earth, only to discover that Walter’s body had crumbled to dust in the meantime. Still, there was some hope left as the soul found a temporary home in the Box armor. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #24]

Following this battle, Aurora told the rest of Alpha Flight about her brother’s past and the matter was vividly discussed. Yet before any decision was reached, the team was again called to an emergency and the subject was dropped. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #25]

Not before long, Walter Langkowski yearned for a new, real body, as he knew that, sooner or later, Aurora would turn away from a man trapped in a robotic hide. With the help of fellow scientist, Roger Bochs, he located a humanoid strong body in another dimension and pulled it to Earth - only to discover that it was the Hulk. Walter could not bring himself to take over the body of his friend Bruce Banner, so his soul became lost between dimensions. Seeing her lover die for the second time, Aurora was in tears and Jean-Paul comforted her. When he too started crying, she realized that he must have had deep feelings for Langkowski as well.

Despite their loss, the team still had to deal with the Hulk, who started to rampage in the middle of Vancouver. Seeing all their teammates defeated, the siblings decided to try to blind their opponent with their dazzling lightburst. Yet upon touching each other, the desired result did not happen. Instead, the twins‘ touch now temporary negated each other‘s powers, an unexpected side-effect of Aurora’s modification. Fortunately, the Hulk was driven off otherwise and he returned southwards to the U.S.. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #28-29, Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #313]

The incident convinced the government that Canada’s own hero team was really needed and they again started to fund Alpha Flight. Northstar, too, returned to full active status. After several successful missions of the again official team, once more Northstar’s past came back to haunt him. Alpha Flight was summoned by a Commander Giles McHeath, who informed them that somebody was tracking down and killing the members of Cell Combattre, including Clementine D’Arbanville, despite all members having long abandoned political violence. Jean-Paul immediately rushed away to help his friends, but actually McHeath himself was the killer and he followed Northstar through Alpha Flight’s tracking device. When Alpha Flight realized that they were followed, they lured McHeath into a trap and at least managed to save two of the six former terrorists. Because of his limited role in Cell Combattre, Canada’s Prime Minister pardoned Northstar for any past indiscretions and he could continue to serve among the Alpha Flight. [Marvel Fanfare (1st series) #28]

Disgusted by his sister toying around with the feelings of the legless Roger Bochs, Northstar took a few days off to appear at a ski exhibition. He was as good as ever and the crowd wondered why he ever retired from his sports career. While Jean-Paul was giving autographs, a young woman jumped off a cliff, apparently trying to commit suicide. Northstar had no choice but to expose himself and save her. After a first shock, the spectators realized that the retired ski champion was a mutant with super-speed and he was immediately accused of cheating. After admitting that he could not tell whether he was subconsciously allowing his powers to give him an edge, Northstar stated that he would foreswear from the sport he loved more than life itself and walked away.

He was followed by a single person, Kara Killgrave, the daughter of the Purple Man. She had been a fan of Beaubier her whole life and only recently discovered her persuasive powers. In fact, she had accidentally caused the woman to jump and wanted to apologize. Yet, inexperienced with her abilities, Northstar ended up under her control too. Temptation was too strong and Kara ordered Jean-Paul to be her boyfriend. He took her to an exotic island, where they went swimming only to discover that water filtered out Purple Girl’s pheromones. Himself again, Northstar was annoyed of her claims that she loved him, and told her that one does not manipulate those one loves. For a brief moment, Northstar pondered leaving Kara alone on that island with nobody to enthrall. Panicking, she again took control of him and ordered him to take her to Alpha Flight. The team was not sure what to make of her at first, though eventually she was given training status. Only Northstar still held a grudge. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #41-42]