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14th October 2009


During the Age of Apocalypse, the ripple effect of Charles Xavier’s premature death extended not only across the entire globe, but into the reaches of space as well. For Christopher Summers, things proceeded in much the same way they did in the core reality. He and his wife Katherine were kidnapped by Shi’ar but managed to spare their sons Scott and Alex. After Katherine died in captivity, Christopher managed to escape his slave prison with other alien captives. Together as fugitives, they formed the Starjammers. On their way back to Earth, however, the effects of Xavier’s death finally caught up with them. The Starjammer was intercepted by the Brood, and Christopher returned to Earth bearing a Brood Queen embryo. Apocalypse’s troops captured him upon arrival and placed him in the care of Mr. Sinister, who used him for cruel experiments for five years. Corsair eventually escaped, causing chaos and infecting several other humans with Brood eggs. He later tracked down his sons Scott and Alex and attempted to bond with them, all the while trying to resist the pull of the Brood Queen. He finally succumbed, however, and was about to kill Alex when Scott begrudgingly killed him. It is unclear why Xavier’s death on Earth had any effect on the Shi’ar or Brood races, or why the Brood in the Age of Apocalypse apparently required their hosts to die in order to complete their transformation.






Between Exiles (1st series) #32-25, Mimic of the Exiles endured four years on an alternate Earth that was totally overrun by Brood. While there, he was infected with Brood eggs three times. The first two times his healing factor managed to kill the eggs; the third time, he wasn’t so lucky. When he was finally reunited with his fellow Exiles, Mimic was still implanted with a Brood Egg and even brought his infection on another mission to yet another alternate Earth, where the Brood embryo eventually hatched and assumed control.





In the reality of X-Men: The End, the Brood were ultimately destroyed by the combined efforts of Storm and Carol Danvers. Later, Empress Lilandra, while possessed by Cassandra Nova, made an agreement with the Slavers to procure a pure strain of Brood from an alternate dimension. She selected Lilandra’s sister Deathbird as the Brood host. This alternate Brood species possessed the ability to spew an ensnaring liquid much like Spider-Man’s webbing.

Some time later, Aliyah Bishop encountered the Brood on a frontier planet in Sh’iar space. The Kree had bartered with the Slavers to procure the Phoenix and Cassandra Nova/Lilandra dispatched the Brood to retrieve the Phoenix from them. Aliyah interrupted the transaction and managed to fend off the Brood and rescue the Phoenix, but in doing so, accidentally caused the sun around the planet to go supernova, killing all the Kree and Brood on the planet.

Later, the Brood Queen Deathbird crashed her imperial cruiser into the Starjammer. Deathbird’s daughter Aliyah found her but killed her when she discovered she was Brood. Unfortunately, Deathbird managed to infect Aliyah with a Brood embryo before her death. The Brood-infected Aliyah, under the direction of her “ally” Cassandra Nova, brought the Starjammer and Phoenix to Chandilar. As they entered orbit, the Brood overran the Starjammer and captured Phoenix. However, the X-Men arrived shortly thereafter and slaughtered all the Brood present, except for Aliyah.

Aliyah joined the X-Men in their raid on Chandilar to rescue Phoenix. She turned on Cassandra Nova and killed Cassandra’s “son” Xavi. In retribution, Cassandra blew apart the Brood Mother Queen inside Aliyah, bringing an end to the threat of the Brood in this reality once again.






When the X-Men encountered Hannah Connover, a minister's wife infected with a Brood Queen egg who managed to resist her Brood nature, Bishop noted that, in his native X.S.E. timeline, there was a race of peaceful Brood. Bishop inferred that these future Brood might be the descendants of Hannah Connover, who managed to remain a pacifist despite being a Brood Queen.






The Brood exist in the Ultimate Universe exclusively as inhabitants of the Astral Plane. Although their origin and purpose are unknown, the Shadow King has taken control of the Astral Plane and uses the Brood as his agents to find his former lover, Storm. ,October 14