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The origins of the beings known as the Brood, often colloquially called “Sleazoids”, are shrouded in mystery. Apparently, their primary agenda is to expand their presence throughout the universe by impregnating other species with their eggs, thus increasing their collective power. Throughout an unspecified period of time, the Brood succeeded in establishing nests on hundreds of planets all over the universe, each led by a Brood Queen - although it is the Brood Empress that rules overall. [X-Men vs. Brood: Day of Wrath #1]

Eons ago, shortly after arriving in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Brood enslaved the Acanti, a race of cosmic space whales capable of faster-than-light travel. On their first hunt, they happened to enslave the Acanti's Prophet-Singer, leader of the species and bearer of its racial soul. When the Prophet-Singer grew old, the Brood crashed it into the planet now known as “Sleazeworld” and used its body as a habitat. Because the Prophet-Singer could not hurl itself into a star at the end of its life, as per Acanti tradition, the new Prophet-Singer could not appear, and the Acanti became a doomed race. [Uncanny X-Men #166]

Given their aggressive nature, the Brood faced various enemies throughout the years who were keen on exterminating them, among them the native inhabitants of Sleazeworld. One of the most prominent was the dragon-like Lockheed, who repeatedly fought the Brood and was greatly feared by them by the time he first encountered Kitty Pryde of the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #166, Excalibur (1st series) #40]

The Brood also came into contact with the Shi’ar often enough for the Shi’ar to fear its name. Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar royal family overcame this fear during her first encounter with the Brood, however. While training in her youth at the Chandilar Academy, the studious Lilandra successfully outsmarted and imprisoned a Brood raiding party that attacked her and her frightened classmates by calling upon her learned knowledge that the Brood are deathly afraid of volcanoes and fire. [War of Kings: Warriors #2]

Another sentient race aware of the menace of the Brood long before humans was the Kree. Several years ago, a small team of Kree warriors, led by Grand Admiral Devros, was dispatched by the Supreme Intelligence to the Absolom sector, unaware of its status as Brood territory. Immediately upon crossing into this region, they were attacked by an Acanti. In the ensuing fight with the Brood, both Devros’ ship and the Acanti were ruined. The fight between the Kree and the Brood continued on the ground of an unknown planetoid on which the two parties crash-landed. The Kree were soon defeated and became hosts for Brood eggs. Devros himself was also implanted with a Queen egg. However, he found himself surprisingly fascinated by the Brood and their formidable qualities, especially with the Queen. Devros soon stood by her side as her consort, and began calling himself the “Brood King”.

Stranded, Devros jury-rigged his damaged ship’s communication grid and sent a distress call, intent on luring ships to the planetoid which he and his Brood could use as a means to escape. Soon afterwards, a team of Kree officials, including Mar-Vell (the hero later known as Captain Marvel), Commander Zem-Pram, Colonel Yon-Rogg and medic Una were dispatched to the same location and located Devros’ damaged flagship. They were then captured by the Brood and infected with Brood embryos. However, Mar-Vell and Una managed to escape. While Mar-Vell fought the Brood, killing Devros and the transformed Zen-Pram, Una locked herself in the med-lab of her team’s ship and modified an omniwave projector, making it emit a specific band of radiation tailored to killing Brood. She then shot herself with it, effectively eliminating the embryo gestating inside her body. At that same moment, Mar-Vell was corrupted by his Brood embryo, at which point he declared himself the new "Brood King”. Una intervened and shot him with the projector and purged him of the Brood. After rescuing their associate Yon-Rogg, Mar-Vell and Una escaped the planetoid and were eventually retrieved by the ship of the Shi’ar princess Deathbird, who was in the area pursuing a Brood party raiding Shi’ar ships. [Untold Legend of Captain Marvel #1-3]

Apparently, Deathbird must have been intrigued by what the Kree survivors recounted regarding the evil of the Brood, because, years later, she decided to strike an alliance with them in an effort to usurp the throne of the Shi’ar Empire from her sister, Empress Lilandra Neramani. Deathbird and the Brood orchestrated Lilandra’s abduction, implicating the Earth’s citizens. The X-Men were quickly embroiled in this crisis, especially after Wolverine killed the Brood warrior-prime known as Skor’kill in battle, an incident which marked the beginning of a long vendetta between the X-Men and the Brood. Almost immediately afterwards, the Brood succeeded in taking Professor Xavier as a hostage. After drugging Xavier, the Brood secretly implanted him with a Queen embryo. Both Xavier and Lilandra were soon rescued from captivity by the X-Men. However, shortly afterwards, Xavier was rendered catatonic after he sensed an anomaly within himself and probed his own mind further. The Brood were close to severing their ties with Deathbird when she presented them with a computer module containing genetic scans of the X-Men, essentially offering the team as potential hosts for the Brood queen. The Brood were fascinated by the mutants’ genetic readings and decided to renew their partnership with Deathbird. [Uncanny X-Men #155-157]





This partnership would soon bear fruit. After Professor X awoke from his catatonia, the X-Men, accompanied by their houseguest Carol Danvers a.k.a. the former Ms. Marvel – sans the recuperating Xavier – attended Lilandra’s farewell banquet in her newly arrived yacht, as she was about to return to her Empire. Unexpectedly, Deathbird entered the yacht and proclaimed herself the new Shi’ar Empress. She stunned the X-Men, as well as Carol and Lilandra, with a concussive grenade and handed them over to the Brood to host their Queen’s eggs. The X-Men, Lilandra and Danvers were immediately mesmerized by the Brood and were led to perceive them as Shi’ar. Only Wolverine, thanks to his hyper-keen senses, was able to distinguish between the two supposed realities. Despite Wolverine’s warnings, Lilandra and the X-Men were, one after the other, infected by the Brood Queen, each becoming a host to a Queen egg. Meanwhile, Carol was led away by two Brood scientists who were interested in examining her unique, non-human physiology.

Lilandra and the X-Men were then transported to Sleazeworld but were still mesmerized and unable to perceive reality. Still confused, Wolverine wandered away and encountered Fang, the traitorous member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard who had allied himself with Deathbird and the Brood during Deathbird’s coup d’état. Witnessing Fang’s transformation into a Brood, Wolverine finally realized in horror what had been done to the X-Men during the “ceremony” on the yacht. In the next few hours, as his metamorphosis into a Brood neared, Wolverine began fighting hard, resisting the transformation with all his willpower. Eventually, his healing factor, anchored by his immutable adamantium skeleton, saved him, as it perceived the Brood egg as a parasite and killed the embryo. [Uncanny X-Men #161-162]

Meanwhile, Carol was subjected to an evolutionary modification ray by the Brood scientists, who were keen on experimenting with her genetic potential. Wolverine intervened and killed the scientists, destroying their machinery and freeing Carol, although they were both aware she had been fundamentally transformed. The X-Men were then reunited and awoke from their trance, although Wolverine found himself unable to reveal the horrible fate that had befallen them. The team then confronted the Brood and, moments before Wolverine could kill the Brood Great Mother, everyone was beamed aboard Lilandra’s yacht by Kitty Pryde. Subsequently, the Brood-hunterships attempted to capture the team without exercising lethal force, as they all carried Brood Queen eggs. During the fight, Storm’s powers grew out of control, shattering a Broodship. Her powers now operating on a cosmic scale as a result of her modification at the hands of the Brood, Carol assumed a pure energy form she referred to as Binary, and effortlessly destroyed the Brood ships. Shortly afterwards, Kitty repaired the damage in Lilandra’s yacht and the party flew to warp-space. However, Storm, wary of something being wrong with her body, suddenly realized that she had been injected with a Brood egg. Desperate, she piloted away with a scoutship. Just then, Wolverine finally revealed that all of them would soon be metamorphosed into Brood Queens. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Starjammers decided to fly to space again and track down the missing X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #163-164]

While drifting aimlessly with her shuttle and pondering whether to commit suicide, Storm suddenly began metamorphosing into a Sleazoid. Even though she managed to reverse the transformation by absorbing energy from the stars, she realized this was only a temporary solution. Determined, she summoned the power of the entire galactic core into herself, destroying the Brood and her ship and then floated in space, where she died. However, just then, Ororo was swallowed by a free Acanti. While healing in the Acanti, her astral form visited the X-Men until the Acanti could find and engulf Lilandra’s yacht. Still in her astral form, Storm explained to the X-Men that this Acanti was the newborn Prophet-Singer, a carrier of their entire race’s soul. However, the previous Prophet-Singer had been slain by the Brood and his carcass used for shelter on Sleazeworld, thus trapping the soul. Since the X-Men knew they would soon die, they decided to perform one last noble act and free the dead Prophet-Singer’s soul so that it could join the new Prophet-Singer, an act that could liberate the Acanti from their enslavement. The X-Men arrived on Sleazeworld, intent on reaching the trapped soul of the Prophet-Singer at the center of the planet, while Storm and Binary, together with the newly arrived Starjammers, attempted to distract the Brood. The battle against the Brood went well until Cyclops, corrupted by the Brood embryo within, betrayed his teammates and turned the tide of battle against them. Fortunately, Wolverine managed to turn the tables once more and held Cyclops and the Great Mother as hostages. They all then progressed into the location of the dead Prophet-Singer’s soul, in a glowing crystal cavern.

Just then, however, their metamorphoses commenced. As they all began changing into Brood, the Queen hinted at the existence of yet another royal embryo. However, Binary intervened and, thanks to the energies she unleashed, succeeded in releasing the racial soul of the Acanti, which joined with the newborn Prophet-Singer in space. The soul then purged the Brood embryos from the X-Men while turning the Great Mother – and apparently every other unworthy creature on the planet – into crystal. The planet also began trembling, unable to withstand the cosmic powers unleashed by Binary when she freed the Prophet-Singer’s soul.





Thankfully, the X-Men were teleported aboard the Starjammers’ ship just as the planet exploded. On board, they also found out that Storm had been restored to her physical body. However, their celebratory mood was crushed by Wolverine, who informed everyone present that, based on the Great Mother insinuation, there must have also been a Brood Queen egg within Charles Xavier. [Uncanny X-Men #165-166]

However, not every denizen of the Sleazeworld was killed in the explosion caused by Binary. While some Brood clanships were reported to have escaped, six Brood Warriors-Prime also survived thanks to a miraculous coincidence. Having been dispatched by the Great Mother to track down the X-Men before they reached the heart of the Prophet-Singer, they were swallowed alive midway by one of the many horrible native monsters of the planet. The monster was also turned into a crystal when the Prophet-Singer’s song was heard and the six Brood survived the explosion, safely contained in the crystal monster, which floated like a vessel of sorts in outer space. [Uncanny X-Men #166, Incredible Hulk (3rd series) #94]

Back on Earth, the Brood Queen gestating inside Xavier had slowly begun taking control of him and influencing his moves. With the X-Men now presumed dead, Xavier formed a new team of mutant trainees, aptly dubbed “the New Mutants”, whom the Queen saw as potential hosts for Brood eggs. However, the Queen pinpointed one of the students, Dani Moonstar, as a potential threat, since she seemed the most likely to detect her presence within Xavier thanks to her psychic powers. Stalking Dani while the she was tackling her first Danger Room session, Xavier-Brood set off the safety protocols and Dani found herself in a jungle setting, pursued by Brood-like monsters. She was quickly knocked out and was soon discovered by her teammates. Shortly afterwards, the Queen began tapping into Dani’s ability of projecting illusions, causing the New Mutants to see Xavier’s school as being suddenly transmogrified into an unknown organic material. As the illusions progressed, Dani convinced her teammates to knock her out, realizing she was the source of these illusions. The team had little time to rest, though, as the X-Men suddenly arrived. With their mentor fully metamorphosed into a Sleazoid before their eyes, the two teams joined forces, gravely injuring the Queen. Just as the creature was dying, Xavier begged them to finish him, his personality still resisting – barely – from being assimilated by the Queen’s. An unlikely salvation for the doomed Xavier came from Dr. Moira MacTaggert and the Starjammer Sikorsky who cloned a new body for Xavier into which they transferred his consciousness. [New Mutants (1st series) #1-3, Uncanny X-Men #167]

Months later, the Brood decided to bring the fight directly to Earth. A number of people camping in the Rio Diablo mountains in New Mexico witnessed the landing of a star shark, one of the vessels the Brood employ for interstellar travel. The Brood emerged from the star shark and swiftly slaughtered the campers with the sole exception of paramedic Harry Palmer, whom they infected with a Brood egg. Palmer, under the influence of the embryo, responded to emergency calls involving mutants, whom he implanted with Brood embryos in an effort to create a group of super-powered Brood. Thanks to Havok, the X-Men eventually trailed Palmer and ambushed him in his apartment in Denver.

However, Palmer’s crèche of Brood mutants came to his rescue and the ensuing fight between the X-Men and the Brood spread all over Denver. Wolverine was once again infected with a Brood embryo, although, like the previous time, his healing system eventually purged the egg from his body. Realizing they had no alternatives, the X-Men used lethal force to eliminate the Brood mutants. Meanwhile, as the battle reached its climax, Palmer’s fellow paramedic Josey Thomas, whom he also infected, lured Reverend William Connover’s wife Hannah to her ambulance with the excuse of having a cure for her arthritis. Instead, Josey infected her with a Brood embryo, which did indeed put an end to the arthritis, among other things. [Uncanny X-Men #232-234, X-Men vs. Brood: Day of Wrath #1]

Some time later, a Brood nest surfaced in New Orleans, where several members of the Assassins’ Guild were infected and transformed into Brood Warriors-Prime. The Queen of that nest also intended to infect the members of the Thieves’ Guild. However, a mysterious Brood-infected Assassin at her employ opted to kill the members of the Thieves’ Clan rather than offering them as hosts for his Queen. Coincidentally, Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch was visiting the area, looking for the former Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze. He learned about the killings and began investigating but was quickly captured by the Brood and infected by their Queen. Meanwhile, Belladonna Boudreaux of the Assassins’ Guild arrived at the Xavier Institute, where she enlisted the aid of her estranged husband, Gambit, former member of the Thieves Guild. The X-Men and Belladonna traveled to New Orleans and faced the Brood and the Brood-infected Ghost Rider in the catacombs deep beneath the city. Ultimately, Psylocke entered the Astral plane and managed to separate the Brood from the essence of Danny Ketch, the human host of Ghost Rider, essentially purging him of the parasite. The X-Men and Ghost Rider then joined forces to set free the special children of the Thieves’ Guild who were held captive to be used as hosts. In the ensuing battle, the traitorous Assassin tried to make up with the Queen for killing all those members of the Thieves’ Guild and offered up Gambit, Wolverine and Ghost Riders as hosts, claiming to know Gambit from the past. The Assassin then fled, just as Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze joined forces and killed the Queen. [X-Men (2nd series) #8-9, Ghost Rider (3rd series) #26-27]

Seeking revenge on both Gambit and Ghost Rider for the damage they inflicted to their race, a group of Brood arrived in New York City and began infecting several humans, intent on also infecting their two nemeses and making them leaders in their plan for world domination. However, Ghost Rider and Gambit joined forces with Wolverine, just as the Queen and her warriors took several NYPD officers hostage in their lair beneath the Federal Reserve Bank. Ghost Rider offered himself up for assimilation in exchange for one of the officer’s lives. However, just as the Queen placed her ovipositor in his skull, Ghost Rider urged the officer to shoot him with a molecular disruption gun. The wave of cellular disruption passed through the Rider’s body and into the Queen’s, destroying her and ending the Brood’s most recent plan. [Ghost Rider (3rd series) #66-67]

Back in Denver, Hannah Connover realized she had become a Brood Queen. She initially gave in to her Brood side and, since she was now “miraculously” rid of her arthritis, was hailed as possessing healing powers. Several physically challenged people came to be blessed by her, although Hannah actually injected them with Brood eggs. However, Hannah’s powerful religious beliefs finally prevailed and she began fighting to repress her Brood side. Some time later, the Brood Empress dispatched her elite circle of Brood, the Firstborn, to Earth, with the mission to find and slay the “rogue” Brood Queen who had dared to break away from them. Josey Thomas, who envied Hannah’s status as a Queen and coveted the title for herself, led the Firstborn to Denver. The Firstborn then slew Josey, her usefulness exhausted. At the same moment, Jean Grey, who was vacationing in the area with Cyclops, sensed the presence of a Brood. Jean notified the rest of the team and they all rushed there, where they fought against the Firstborn and confronted Hannah, who was now accompanied by her loyal Broodlings. However, the Broodlings were quickly killed by the Firstborn, providing an opportunity for Hannah and the X-Men to escape. Finally, Iceman placed Hannah in an ice cocoon to stall the metamorphosis. Their mindlink with the rogue Queen gone, the Firstborn deemed their mission a success and, as instructed by their programming, eliminated each other. Hannah was then placed in a stasis chamber at the mansion, until Beast suggested her transfer to Muir Island and into the care of Dr. Moira MacTaggert. [X-Men vs. Brood: Day of Wrath #1-2]





Some time later, a horde of Brood, led by a Queen who called herself the Imperiatrix and somehow shared the memories of the Great Mother from Sleazeworld, formed a new plan to conquer Earth. The Brood Imperiatrix struck an alliance with the Brotherhood of Badoon and, together, they posed as the benevolent race of Coterie and transferred most of the Earth’s major heroes aboard an Acanti starship. The “Coterie” urged the heroes to participate in a series of physical combats, seeking to evaluate their abilities, in order to see which heroes were worthy enough to be utilized as hosts and which were not. As the contest began, the heroes began aggressively participating in the combats, since their mental state was influenced by the Nanites on board. Those who were defeated were sent in the “jungle” – actually, the interior of an Acanti – to be stored as fodder for the Brood. However, several of the heroes started realizing what was going on and began fighting some Brood warriors while the consciousness of the Imperiatrix took over Rogue’s body. Through Rogue’s mutant talents, the Imperiatrix absorbed the abilities of the contest winners. However, when faced with Warbird (the former Ms. Marvel), the Imperiatrix realized that Carol would have no qualms about destroying Rogue’s body.

Intimidated, the Imperiatrix abandoned the host body and returned to the Brotherhood of Badoon’s ship, which had fled the Acanti starship after setting it to self-destruct. The Imperiatrix decided to exact a horrible revenge on her allies, presumably using them as hosts and torturing their leader, the Brother Royal. [Contest of Champions (2nd series) #1-5]

Shortly afterwards, Wolverine found yet another chance to renew his vendetta with the Brood. The alien Tyrus Krill, a self-proclaimed Brood bounty-hunter, sought Wolverine’s help after hearing the legends of his battles against the Sleazoids. Krill had vowed revenge against them after his ship had been raided by a cadre of Brood and his wife and two sons were infected and became Brood. His family was now part of a particularly vicious swarm of Brood that tried to take advantage of the Maximum Security crisis to establish a foothold on Earth. Krill and Wolverine rushed to the nest of the Brood in the Ripley Hotel where they slew every single Brood, including the Queen of the nest. What Krill had neglected to explain to Logan was that he had also been infected with a Brood and was only able to temporarily halt his transformation by use of a hypo-spray. As Krill finally transformed into a Brood, Wolverine relieved him of his suffering, reuniting the bounty-hunter with his fallen family in death. [Wolverine Annual 2000]

Sometime later, the villain Mystique detonated a bomb inside of Moira MacTaggert’s Muir Island research facility, devastating the entire island. It is unknown whether or not Hannah Connover’s cryogenically frozen body was actually in Dr. MacTaggert’s research facility at this point; its whereabouts are still unknown. [Uncanny X-Men #388]

Despite recent setbacks, the Brood persevered and soon concocted an even more elaborate plan of invading Earth. A horde of Brood breached the space station Simulacra, causing half the station to blow up and then infected the crewmembers of the Titan shuttle who were busy with retrieval works at the station. With a distortion field preventing signals from coming in or out of the station, the Fantastic Four decided to join forces with the X-Men and investigate the situation at Simulacra. Members of both teams traveled to the station and confronted the set of Brood and their Queen. Even though the Queen gloated about the impending invasion of the Brood army against Earth, the Invisible Woman proceeded to slay her. However, Sue refused to allow the others to slay the infected crewmembers. The two teams departed just then, in order to avoid a cosmic storm which was heading towards Simulacra. Meanwhile, the Brood in Simulacra hatched and headed to Earth with Titan, joining the entire Brood army – hundreds of Acanti – as they all were about to commence their attack in Times Square, in New York. Thankfully, just then, the Brood invasion was averted as Emma Frost, through Cerebra, projected images of Galactus and Phoenix in the minds of the Brood, causing the Sleazoids to think of Earth as a doomed planet and depart. [X-Men / Fantastic Four #1-5]

Months later, the Brood were almost brought to the brink of extinction, after being relentlessly hunted down and exterminated by the alien cyborg hunter known as the Cru. Cru was pursuing the Sleazoids after they brought about the destruction of her planet. The Brood lured Cru to Earth, making her believe she could use its supply of Cavorite Crystals as a weapon to enhance her ability to channel radiant energy. The Brood were fully aware that if Cru tried to channel her energies through Cavorite, the resulting explosion would kill her and possibly destroy the planet. However, the Acanti that carried the Brood was destroyed partway to Earth, and two separate groups of Brood abandoned the ship in escape pods. Cru was forced to pursue only one of the vessels. The pod she went after quickly reached Earth, crash-landing in the small town of Spaulding, Georgia. Ms. Marvel arrived in time to quell the invading Brood forces and managed to deal with Cru by forcing her to explode in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Tragically, the Cavorite Crystals in Spaulding erupted anyway and obliterated the entire town. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #1-3]





Meanwhile, the six Brood warriors who had miraculously survived the explosion of the Sleazeworld, and who floated for years in outer space encased in the crystal carcass of the monster that had swallowed them, finally crashed down on the remote planet Sakaar. The six Brood were captured and thrown into the Maw, the gladiatorial training school, pitted against other captives, including the Hulk. In the end, only one of the Brood survived the conflict and officially became a gladiator. Originally only called “the Brood” by her fellow gladiators, this Brood progressively became individualized, an unprecedented aspect for an assimilated Brood and even began calling herself “No-Name”, an ironic allusion to the fact the Brood have no individual names. Together with her fellow gladiators, they all forged a close-knit group, calling itself “Warbound” and then began a rebellion against the corrupt Red King. Not only did No-Name become gradually less and less savage, but even stranger, she began a sexual relationship with a member of another species, the native insectoid known as Miek. Uncharacteristic for a Warrior-Prime, No-Name even gave birth to crossbreeds, but was forced to kill them later on, as they turned out to be mindless and savage. After the defeat of the Red King, Hulk was declared the new king of Sakaar. The planet, however, was soon nearly destroyed when the ship the Illuminati used to send Hulk to Sakaar exploded, killing most of the planet’s inhabitants. [Incredible Hulk (3rd series) #93-105, World War Hulk: Aftersmash Warbound #4]

No-Name, like the rest of the Warbound, stood by Hulk’s side as he traveled back to Earth, seeking revenge from the members of the Illuminati. Wishing to also exact her own vengeance from Earth, both for her comrade and for her own people, No-Name, again pregnant with Miek’s offspring, planned to begin a colony of new crossbreeds in the catacombs underneath Madison Square Garden. Her vision was to turn Earth, a predominantly mammalian world, into a world of insects. She soon confronted the Heroes for Hire along with their ally, the insectoid known as Humbug who served as an agent of the insect hive-mind of Earth. Although No-Name did not need hosts for her eggs, she did seduce Humbug and made him willingly offer himself up as a living incubator for her eggs. However, the Earth’s hive-mind had foreseen his betrayal and had previously poisoned Humbug. He died, eaten from within, along with No-Name’s eggs. Worse, No-Name herself was stricken and rendered infertile by the hive-mind. [Incredible Hulk (3rd series) #107, Heroes for Hire (3rd series) #11-15]

Some time later, Carol had another unexpected encounter with Cru. Apparently, during their previous altercation, Cru inserted some of her own rebuild and repair protocols into Ms. Marvel’s body, and the two beings had somehow merged into one. Cru took Carol to Monster Island, explaining that she picked the wrong escape pod to pursue that night they confronted each other. In fact, the second escape pod that crash-landed in Monster Island contained not only Brood warriors but also a Brood Queen, determined to spread the Brood across the cosmos once more.

Carol and Cru were then attacked by the Brood and brought before their Queen… who turned out to be the Great Mother whom Carol had once encountered on Sleazeworld. The Great Mother had apparently survived, revealing that Carol’s actions of turning her into crystal only served to make her invincible. She then almost killed Carol. While the Brood were occupied facing an incoming attack by the Lightning Squad team, Cru brought Carol back from the dead and re-ignited her powers to her cosmic, Binary levels. Carol then easily tackled the Brood warriors but by the time she had begun facing the Great Mother, her cosmic powers were already waning. The Great Mother proceeded to kill Cru but Carol grabbed a nuclear device and used it to launch the Great Mother into deep space. Although the explosion sent the Brood Queen far away from Earth, she did not appear to die. [Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #21-24]





[Note: Although No-Name believes herself to be the last surviving member of her hive, Ms. Marvel discovered the Great Mother, No-Name’s former Queen, is still alive. Additionally, because No-Name is still somewhere on Earth, and because the Great Mother made her stake for Earth on Monster Island, No-Name and the Great Mother must have been on Earth at the same time, without realizing it.]