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When the Decimation stripped the powers of ninety-nine perfect of mutant kind, that energy awoke the mutant Vulcan, who many years before had been embedded in an asteroid orbiting around the Earth. The mysterious mutant made a beeline for Earth, kidnapping Cyclops and Rachael Grey. With his brother and niece missing, Alex grew increasingly frustrated, and it was during this time he witnessed several visions of past events, caused by Vulcan. During the final confrontation with Vulcan, it was revealed he was in fact Alex and Scott’s brother, Gabriel Summers. Much to Alex’s shock, Professor X had covered up not only Vulcan’s apparent death but his entire existence. Upon learning his origins, that Shi’ar Emperor D’Ken had murdered his mother and forced him into slavery, Vulcan had rocketed into space on a mission of revenge. [X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-5]

Looking to make amends for his actions, Xavier pulled together a team to follow Vulcan into space and stop him. As Vulcan’s brother, Havok was a key recruit in this endeavor and also helped convince his brother Scott to let them go. Additionally, he was also vital in recruiting Polaris, who had gone into hiding since Apocalypse’s defeat. They found Polaris in Egypt on the run from an anti-Apocalypse cult and Havok had a heart to heart with Lorna while the other X-Men fought off the cult. Though she felt too dangerous to be around other people, Alex managed to convince her to join them, telling her that everyone deserved a second chance.

Together with the rest of Xavier’s team, Rachel Grey, Warparth, Darwin and Nightcrawler, Havok and Lorna infiltrated Erik the Red’s old base. During a brief tussle with security systems, Lorna was injured by a collapsing energy field, forcing Havok to quite painfully absorb the energy. In the end, the group managed to acquire a Shi’ar spacecraft and headed into space. Unfortunately, after passing through the first stargate, they discovered Vulcan had destroyed the next, stranding them in deep space. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #475-476]

The group headed to a nearby supply station to refuel and for a new plan. However, the team soon learned the station had been overtaken by Warskrulls, who had killed most of the Shi’ar on board. The Skrulls tried to do the same to the X-Men but Havok managed to fight them off. Rescuing two Shi’ar prisoners, the team departed on the long journey towards Chandilar. After weeks of travelling using fringeworld stargates, their ship was infiltrated by an agent of the Shi’ar; Korvus Rook’Shiir. With the element of surprise, and the Blade of the Phoenix, Korvus managed to take down Havok and the rest of the X-Men. Fortunately, Rachel managed to free Korvus of an implant controlling him and bonded with him over their mutual connection to the Phoenix. Meanwhile, the two Shi’ar prisoners they rescued kidnapped Xavier and fled in Korvus’ ship, with Darwin clinging to the outside. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #478-479]

Korvus came up with a plan: he, Havok and Rachel would combine their abilities to power the ship’s disused jump engines, while Polaris stopped them from tearing themselves apart. Once they jumped the ship, they would rendezvous with Alex’s father and the Starjammers. While preparing, Polaris confronted Alex about his distant attitude since beginning the mission. Alex explained how much he was dreading bringing nothing but bad news to his father and how much of a failure he felt like. They implemented their plan soon after and joined with the Starjammers, where Alex finally had the conversation with his father he was dreading.

Corsair informed the X-Men that a secret order within the Shi’ar was leading a coup against Lilandra; and they had abducted the Majestrix. Together, the X-Men and the Starjammers stormed the facility holding Lilandra and rescued her. With Lindandra’s guidance they then liberated Major General Ka’Arduum, a legendary exiled Shi’ar leader who would be key in garnering public support.

Despite their victory, Polaris found Alex avoiding celebrations and dwelling on their situation. Telling him he needed to blow off steam, Lorna surprised him by kissing him. Naturally, Alex overthought the situation, questioning how they could start again, but Lorna cut him off. She told him they didn’t know whether they would ever see Earth again and needed to just live in the moment. Alex agreed and the pair spent the night together. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #480-485]

The next day, the X-Men, Starjammers and Lilandra’s forces launched a full scale attack on the coup. Lilandra’s brother D’Ken, revived from his catatonia by Havok’s brother Vulcan, was the leader of the coup. To consolidate his power, he had arranged a grand display at the M’Kraan Crystal; Vulcan was to marry Deathbird before the crystal, then they would hurl Xavier into it, executing him. Havok and the allied forces launched their attack just as his brother completed his vows. While fighting their way towards Vulcan and D’ken, Havok could only watch helplessly as his brother hurled Xavier into the M’Kraan Crystal and Darwin dove in after him. Even more shocking, Vulcan then murdered D’Ken and seized the Shi’ar throne for himself.

Appalled at his son’s behavior, Corsair attacked Vulcan, preventing him from killing Lilandra. Vulcan responded by killing his father, while Alex could only watch. Driven into an intense rage by the patricide, Havok furiously attacked his brother, but his attacks had no impact on the energy manipulator. Injured and cast aside, he had Polaris crush Vulcan within his own armor. While it didn’t kill him, it injured Vulcan enough to drive him and the rest of the enemy to retreat.

In the chaos, Havok, Polaris and Rachel were left behind in Shi’ar space. Lilandra had programmed their ship to rush the injured Xavier, who survived the M’Kraan, back to Earth, along with the rest of their teammates. After burying his father on a backwater world he was fond of, Havok decided he wanted to stay and fight against his brother’s regime. Rachel, Polaris and rest of Starjammers agreed and appointed him their leader. Knowing that in order to take down Vulcan he was going to have to kill the maniac, he recorded a message for his fellow X-Men; they weren’t X-Men anymore and, if they failed, Vulcan was coming straight for Earth. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #486]