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A few weeks later, while they both tried to gain control of their lives again, they were approached by Valerie Cooper to join the new government-sponsored X-Factor team. On Professor Xavier’s request, they agreed and joined Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Multiple Man and Polaris, with Havok as the head of X-Factor. [X-Factor (1st series) #71]

They faced their first threat from Sinister and Ricochet and came out with flying colors. They fought such foes as the Mutant Liberation Front, Rhapsody and the Hell's Belles but, despite his successes as a leader, Havok was insecure and constantly compared himself to his older brother, Scott, who has been leading for years. Alex admitted his insecurities in a psychological session with Dr. Leonard Samson. [X-Factor (1st series) #87]

They also met a mutant bounty hunter known as Random, who Havok dealt with by offering him double his bounty! X-Factor met a group of Genoshan refugees, dubbed the X-Patriots, who had escaped from Genosha prior to the downfall of the old government. Havok convinced them to return to Genosha and brought X-Factor with them as a sign of peace. While there, they discovered dark secrets. Wolfsbane found out that, when she was forced to undergo the mutate process, she was the genetically bonded to Magistrate Summers aka Havok. This link explained most of her odd behavior, like the attraction to Alex and her jealousy towards Polaris. Also, they found that hundreds of Mutates were suffering from a fatal degeneration disease, an early version of Stryfe's Legacy Virus. [X-Factor (1st series) #89-92] Havok brought the team back to America but Wolfsbane left for Muir Island to try and have the genetic bond between them broken. She couldn't stay there, however, because being away from him hurt.

Since X-Factor no longer got along with Val Cooper, Forge was named as the team’s new governmental liaison. Forge dared Havok to explain why he shouldn’t restart X-Factor from scratch, and had Alex provide reasons for why each member of the odd line-up was requested. However, secretly it was a test for Alex as well, as Forge wanted to see how dedicated the leader was and wether he could defend his team. [X-Factor (1st series) #95]

Days later, the team battled Haven, a fanatic terrorist who believed that, when the Mahapralaya came, the world would be destroyed and a new golden age would come about after it. She tried to bring it about early but, when X-Factor tried to stop her, she took the now almost totally out-of-control Wolfsbane through a Pralaya, moving her in and out of pocket dimensions, and cured her of the genetic bond. However, when she tried to cure Multiple Man of the Legacy Virus, she failed, killing him. Havok took blame for this and began to tear himself apart because of it. Alex did not attend the funeral, but visited the gravesite later, after the others had left. Mourning Jamie’s death, he questioned his leadership again and decided to quit the team. [X-Factor (1st series) #100-101]

Yet Polaris tracked him down by his credit card bills and found Alex vacationing on Hawaii. She managed to cheer him up but then the couple was targeted by Malice again. She was on the run from Mr. Sinister, who wanted to make her possess Polaris once more. However, Malice did not want to become permanently bonded again, so she possessed Alex and tried to kill Lorna, thus eliminating the possibility of them ever merging again. Yet  Sinister and Nasty Boys intercepted sooner than anticipated and quickly took control of the situation. He threatened to kill Havok if Lorna would not allow Malice to take over and, despite the long months of being controlled before, Polaris accepted. Yet, while the transfer took part, Havok realized what was happening. Not wanting his lover to be controlled by the psychic entity again, he tried to pulled Malice back inside and, in the end, the discorporated form left both of them in agony. Sinister was angered by his Marauder‘s performance and snapped her neck, thus killing her. Much to their surprise, Sinister did not want to fight Alex and Lorna, so they were free to go. [X-Factor (1st series) #103-105]

Alex‘s bad fortune continued when Strong Guy suffered a heart attack and Wolfsbane left the team to be with her foster mother, Moira MacTaggert, on Muir Island. Weeks later, after capturing the criminal Mystique, Havok's powers raged out of control, destroying a dam. He was taken to Department H for treatment but was kidnapped by Scarlett McKenzie, apparently back from the dead. She was taking him back to Genosha but he caused the plane to crash-land in Japan, where the remains of X-Factor, Forge, Polaris, Wildchild and Mystique herself, followed him and saved him from both Scarlett and the assassin known as Fatale. Havok was once again confined to the regulator costume he used to wear. [X-Factor (1st series) #112-113]

He returned to X-Factor but was kidnapped by Random a few weeks later and brought to McCoy, the so-called Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalypse. He was brainwashed, ultracharged with power and put in charge of McCoy's lackeys, including Fatale, Post and Random. Only a few weeks later, McCoy came to serve Onslaught and offered his team's services to the powerful entity.

At the Brand Corporation's Sentinel plant, they had to battle X-Factor and Polaris didn’t believe her eyes, as she had thought Havok departed to sort out his messy life. The Dark Beast succeeded in launching the Sentinels but he and his team were defeated. Havok and his teammate, Random, however, escaped, as Alex blasted his plasma discharge against his former lover in full force, causing Lorna to go into cardiac arrest. [X-Factor (1st series) #118, 125-126]