Last Updated: 
31st May 2015

The Continuing Age of Apocalypse


In 1995, the X-Men line of comics underwent a monumental change when the Age of Apocalypse crossover descended upon them. For four months, all the X-Titles were replaced with counterparts, all set in an alternate reality. In this new world, the forces of Apocalypse ruled supreme but the rag-tag group of heroes found a way to battle against him. Eventually Apocalypse fell, but it was too late for the heroes as a nuclear onslaught was descending upon Manhattan, threatening to wipe everyone out. As the crossover ended, reality was restored to the way the Marvel Universe existed before the crossover and readers assumed the alternate world was wiped from existence. As it turned out, that was far from the truth: the Age of Apocalypse lived on as an alternate timeline, later designated Earth-295.


The following article focuses on details of the Age of Apocalypse timeline after the fall of Apocalypse and the crossover ended. For an in depth history of the events and characters of the crossover itself, visit our companion article, the Age of Apocalypse crossover entry.