Last Updated: 
31st May 2015


When the initial Age of Apocalypse crossover was released in 1995-96, most of the characters that had featured within the X-titles up to that point were re-imagined in this new world. Other heroes, such as the Fantastic Four and Avengers, were also accounted for, whether on panel or by passing mention by another character. Once the crossover was completed, the timeline was considered gone for many years. A number of prequel comics were released over the years after that detailed the background to some of the situations and characters.

In 2005, the tenth anniversary of the crossover was celebrated with a miniseries that revealed the timeline was very much alive. A number of characters were revealed to have survived the explosive end of the crossover and new characters were also introduced. The timeline remained active and in 2011 it was visited once more. Some characters were killed and new ones were created that reflected the onslaught of new characters that had been developed since 1995.

The following pages are a companion piece to the Characters section of the AoA Crossover article. They will briefly detail the various characters that were introduced in the timeline after the original crossover and update the fates of those already known.