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In an attempt to reach out to the general public, Charles started to teach psychology classes at Columbia University. However, one night after making some pro-mutant remarks in his class, he was mugged and beaten up as a “mutie-lover” by some students (not aware of his being a mutant). He would have died if he hadn’t been found in time by the Morlocks, whose Healer saved him. However, Callisto warned Xavier that he wasn’t healthy yet and would have to take things easy or his body wouldn’t be able to stand the strain. Unfortunately, Xavier couldn’t do that. He had to face James Proudstar (who had help from his fellow Hellion Empath) over the death of his brother, Thunderbird, which the young man blamed him for. The professor was able to talk him out of becoming a murderer, though, and eventually convinced James that he had tried his best to save Thunderbird’s life. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #192-193]

Shortly afterwards, Xavier was called to Muir Island, where he met Gabrielle Haller again. The woman had asked Moira MacTaggert for help regarding her mutant son, David, who was both autistic and suffering from multiple personality disorder, only Moira was in over her head. When Xavier used his telepathy to enter the teenager’s mind, he, Moira, Gabrielle and several New Mutants became trapped in there. It was only then that Xavier learned that he was actually the boy’s father, David having inherited his mental powers as well as manifesting some other psi-talents. Xavier and the others had to work from the inside to help David, having to deal with his several other personalities along the way. Eventually, they reached David’s core and everyone managed to return back to reality, where Charles promised his son to always be there for him. [New Mutants (1st series) #26-28]

Sensing the return of the godlike Beyonder, whom the X-Men and other heroes had faced before on Battleworld, the weakened Xavier telepathically contacted Magneto and asked him to come help and lead the X-Men against the near omnipotent godlike alien. [New Mutants (1st series) #29, Secret Wars II #1] After the initial battle, Magneto chose to stay at the school, wanting to redeem himself. He, Xavier and the X-Men tried to prevent a planned murder at Columbia University, which Xavier had learned about by skimming surface thoughts of his students. He wasn’t aware that the victim was meant to be himself, the culprits being the same students who had beaten him up and now feared that Xavier had recognized them and would turn them in. While Rachel Summers took the brunt of the attack, Xavier again was hurt. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #196]

All those events took their toll and eventually Xavier’s body started breaking down. Unwilling to let his students know, Charles traveled to Paris with Gabrielle Haller to act as Magneto’s lawyers when the man was taken into custody by the US government and had to appear in front of the International Court. During the trial, the three of them were targeted by Fenris, children of Baron Strucker, seeking revenge for their father’s earlier defeat by them. After the battle, close to death, Xavier made Magneto promise to take over the school and continue teaching his students in his name. Just as Magneto gave his word, Lilandra and Corsair of the Starjammers teleported in. Although several galaxies away, Lilandra had sensed Xavier’s critical condition through their psi-link. They took Charles with them aboard the Starjammer, where his life was once more saved by the alien Dr. Sikorsky. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #199-200]

Unfortunately, though, with the Starjammers trying to help Lilandra win her throne back from Deathbird, they were considered rebels and couldn’t stay in the same spot for too long. Their ship’s warp engine severely damaged, and them no longer able to use the Shi'ar stargates, Charles was actually stranded in outer space with the crew, having no opportunity to reach Earth anytime soon. At least he was reunited with his lover and joined her cause. During the Starjammers’ many adventures in space, Xavier even began to relish the carefree swashbuckling life. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #201]

He was reminded of his duties, however, when on a strange alien world he found a student of his, Magik, about to be sold as a slave. Illyana’s teammates had been strewn through time and space and only with Xavier’s help could Illyana gather them again. Under Xavier’s leadership, the teenagers confronted their nemesis, the Magus, and were able to defeat him. Psi-probing the New Mutants, Charles learned of the Mutant Massacre and other tragic events, and was about to return to Earth with his students when the Starjammer was fired at by a number of approaching vessels. The ship’s systems still not fully repaired, the Starjammers’ only hope was for Charles to mentally read their opponents and discern where they would be firing at next. Xavier couldn’t abandon his new team but, at the same time, he didn’t want to endanger the New Mutants, so he sent them back home without him. [New Mutants (1st series) #50-51]

In another fight, Xavier tried to mentally re-enforce the Starjammer’s shields by linking up with the ship’s sentient computer system, Waldo. However, after several directs hits, the professor experienced some energy feedback and was rendered comatose. The Starjammers had learned that Deathbird was on the verge of finding the "Phalkon,” the ultimate power source, and knew they had to prevent it at all costs. Even Xavier tried to help, his mind merging with Waldo to guide his teammates through long-range communication projections. The prolonged absences, though, left his body weak and he finally died. As it turned out, the “Phalkon” was just another name for the Phoenix Force and, while Deathbird managed to kidnap its current host, Rachel Summers, the Starjammers arrived right in time to rescue her. Deathbird’s energy-leeching device already having absorbed some of the Force’s energy, the Starjammers used it to revive Xavier’s body. Having retained some of the Phoenix’s vast telekinetic abilities, Xavier took to calling himself Bald Phoenix and helped inspire a rebellion against Deathbird’s rule on some planet of the Shi'ar Empire. Unfortunately, the Phoenix powers proved temporary and Xavier’s increased powers soon wore off. [X-Men: Spotlight on... Starjammers #1-2]

The Starjammers eventually gained the upper hand in the rebellion against Deathbird, and were about to win the Shi'ar throne back from her when they fell prey to a group of Warskrulls, a subspecies of the alien shapechangers able to mimic powers as well as forms. One of them took Xavier's place and used his telepathy to use Lilandra as a puppet ruler. Not wanting her empire to fall into the hands of total outsiders, Deathbird's only option was to contact the X-Men for help. Coming to the aid of the Shi’ar once more, the X-Men not only freed their mentor and the other Starjammers but helped restore Lilandra to the throne of the empire. However, the X-Men also brought news and Xavier learned from his former students that his oldest enemy, the Shadow King, was up and about again. With his lover back in her position as Shi'ar empress and the Starjammers' mission now at an end, Charles decided to return to Earth with the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #275-277]

While the X-Men attacked Muir Isle, where the Shadow King had brainwashed the entire population, Xavier stayed behind at the school, only to be attacked by a possessed Colossus. Fortunately, Xavier was able to purge the X-Man of the evil telepath's influence and together they enlisted the aid of Xavier’s original students, who now comprised X-Factor. While the group attacked Muir Isle, looking for the nexus that anchored the Shadow King to the physical plane, Xavier engaged the Shadow King himself in a battle on the astral plane. Though Xavier and the X-Men ultimately won, it came at a terrible price: the injuries to Xavier’s spine and legs he received on the astral plane were mirrored in reality. Xavier once more was bound to a wheelchair. Also the Shadow King had possessed Xavier’s son, Legion, who was now comatose and believed to be brain-dead as a result. [Muir Island Saga]

In the following months, Xavier rebuilt the mansion and restructured the X-Men, there now being enough members to serve as two teams. Their first mission again took them up against Magneto, who it seemed had returned to his old ways. When the X-Men once again triumphed, Magneto seemingly did not intend to escape his fate and seemingly perished in the battle. [X-Men (2nd series) #1-3]

All the while, Xavier pretty much refused to try and deal with being an invalid again. This led to him almost bleeding to death in the Morlock tunnel during the X-Men's attempt to calm down a riot among the underground community, all because he couldn’t feel the pain of a leg injury. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #291-293]

Around that time, Xavier was sent a file about some of the secrets going on at the Alamogordo project his father was involved in. Charles didn’t want to believe the things he read, as it didn’t fit with the fond memories he had of his father. At the funeral of his father’s colleague, Alexander Ryking, the congregation was attacked by an insane, super-powered Carter, Xavier’s former playmate. Xavier soon learned that it had been he who had sent the file and had wanted Xavier to figure out Alamogordo’s secrets with him. However, in the years since they had seen each other, Carter had been locked up in different hospitals and his mind had become somewhat deranged. When he kidnapped Xavier, he was pursued and eventually defeated by the X-Men. Still rattled by the experience and no longer able to deny that there indeed were some mysteries that had to be solved, Charles promised to investigate further... [X-Men (2nd series) #12-13] only he never did.

Still pursuing public opportunities to bridge human-mutant relations, Xavier attended a Lila Cheney good-will concert in order to give a mutant rights speech. However, the speech was interrupted when Stryfe, in the guise of Cable, emerged from the crowd and shot Xavier in an assassination attempt. While the X-teams desperately tried to hunt down the true culprit, Xavier's life was saved by Apocalypse, who had also been drawn into the conflict by Stryfe. In fact, the techno-organic virus, which had infected Xavier through Stryfe’s bullet, had been used by Apocalypse in the past and which had had a connection to both Cable and Stryfe. Apocalypse used his knowledge on this technology to speed up the virus' replication rate up to the point where Xavier's body could no longer sustain it, thereby purging it from his system. In a cruel twist of fate, Xavier could briefly walk as a side-effect to the cure. He knew that it was only a temporary gift and, while he had dozens of ideas how to spend these precious hours, he devoted this time to someone else. In an attempt to bond with his youngest student, Xavier went roller-blading with Jubilee. [X-Cutioner’s Song crossover, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #297]

After a mission to the Savage Land, the Blackbird, containing Xavier, Storm and Cyclops, was shot down by the insanely powerful Upstart named Siena Blaze. Stranded in the snowy wastelands of Antarctica, Xavier left the jet's wreckage to gather help and would surely have died of exposure if not for a mystery savior, who took him to a nearby citadel. Only many weeks later would Xavier realize that it was Magneto, who had somehow survived his previous encounter with the X-Men. [X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #1]

In seclusion, Magneto was gathering more Acolytes around him on his orbital station, Avalon, preparing his dramatic return. Among those Acolytes was Charles’ former lover, Amelia Voght. After Magneto lashed out at all of Earth with a giant EMP wave, Xavier handpicked a team of X-Men to directly confront Magneto on Avalon. When Magneto tore out Wolverine’s adamantium, Charles felt he had to stop him by any means necessary and used his telepathy to literally shut down Magneto’s brain. [Fatal Attractions crossover, X-Men (2nd series) #25]