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Xavier had several adventures in space with Cadre K, freeing other mutant Skrulls from their oppressors, as well as continuing their training along the way. Eventually, they learned of the Intergalactic Council, led by Lilandra, having declared Earth a Maximum Security prison planet, to where numerous alien criminals were to be exiled. When it became apparent that there was no way to breach the energy barrier around the planet, Xavier had one of his charges, the Skrull girl named Z’cann, let herself be captured and banished to Earth as one of the criminals, to pass on a message to the X-Men. The plan worked, as Z’cann provided Earth’s heroes with the means to deactivate the energy barrier. Additionally, once the Council learned that they had been betrayed by their newest member, the Ruul (actually the Kree in a new form), the ban on Earth was lifted. In the aftermath of the crisis, with the alien criminals being returned to their homeworlds, Xavier felt that Cadre K were now able to continue on their own and remained on Earth with the X-Men. [Maximum Security crossover]

Shortly after he returned, Mystique and her Brotherhood started a deadly assault on Muir Isle and intended to release an altered version of the Legacy virus on humanity, all in response to the election campaign of Robert Kelly, a seeming mutant-hater. The X-Men managed to prevent the disaster but Xavier’s first love, Moira MacTaggert, died due to injuries caused by Mystique blowing up her lab complex. Beyond medical help, Moira was telepathically joined by Xavier, so that she could give him the last info she had gathered on the Legacy virus. However, the professor didn’t want to leave Moira alone, and would have followed her to death, if not for Jean Grey entering the astral plane and pulling him back before it was too late. [Dream’s End crossover]

Unfortunately, things didn’t get better afterward. Colossus sacrificed his life to activate the cure for the Legacy virus. Though this had the positive effect that all infected Genoshan mutates recovered overnight, it had the negative effect of providing Magneto, current ruler of Genosha, with an army to start a mutant-led third World War. After demanding that the Earth governments to accept him as their leader, Magneto, in a pre-emptive move, abducted Xavier and crucified him on Magda Square for everyone to see. Although a loyal member of Magneto’s Acolytes, Amelia Voght believed that her former lover didn’t deserve such punishment. As such, she helped free Xavier when Jean Grey and a group of rather untrained newcomers (most X-Men were unavailable at the time, as one team under Storm’s leadership had recently departed) distracted Magneto long enough. However, as the master of magnetism still wouldn’t accept defeat and stop his plans for world domination, Wolverine opted for a more drastic solution and gutted him, this time Xavier being too late to intervene. [Eve of Destruction crossover]

Over the next weeks, Xavier reorganized his school and the X-Men, with several older members returning to the fold. One group were to function as an “away” team, traveling the globe always on the look-out for trouble, whereas the “home” team were also to act as teachers for a multitude of new students at the school, who had been all sought out with his new improved Cerebra. Unfortunately, while making use of this updated version of Cerebro, Charles also witnessed a mutant holocaust as he watched two Mega-Sentinels lay waste to Genosha, murdering sixteen million mutants. The Sentinels had been sent by the mysterious Cassandra Nova, who did not stop with the destruction of the island nation. Using her own powerful telepathy, she exchanged her mind with Charles’ and then turned a gun upon the body she had just vacated. Although it happened right under their noses, none of the X-Men had noticed the exchange and didn’t realize that Xavier’s mind was now imprisoned in Nova’s wounded body, which was taken to the infirmary and hooked to life-support. The woman continued her dirty plans of destroying everything that Xavier held dear, starting with publicly outing Xavier as a mutant and then infecting the X-Men will Nano-Sentinels which would attack the X-Men’s health like a virus. This in place, Cassandra as Xavier decided to visit Empress Lilandra, whom she telepathically possessed and coerced into laying havoc on the entire Shi’ar Empre. [New X-Men (1st series) #114-117]

By the time the X-Men realized what had happened, it was almost too late. Their two telepaths, Jean and Emma, entered the brain of Cassandra Nova’s frail form, learning her origin along the way. Deep in the brain’s core, they also found Xavier’s trapped mind and broke it free from the shackles holding it in place. Unfortunately, Nova’s body was badly deteriorating and Xavier’s mind was affected by it. In a last attempt to save her mentor’s life, Jean absorbed all of Xavier’s lost thoughts and temporarily stored Charles’ entire mind in her brain. With Cassandra Nova’s body now dead, Jean found Charles’s mind too much of a load to carry herself, so she used Cerebra to distribute bits and pieces of Charles’ mind in every mutant on Earth. When “Xavier” – actually Cassandra – returned from Shi’ar space, now in control of the Imperial Guard and the entire Shi’ar fleet, she easily fought her way back into the mansion. For her, the time to play was over and she wanted to eradicate all the remaining mutants of the world. However, when she tried to use Cerebra to touch the global mutant population's minds, Xavier's mind was automatically pieced back together in his own body – casting out Cassandra's consciousness. The threat of the Nano-Sentinels was likewise defused, this time with the help of the newest X-Man, a healer named Xorn. Unexpectedly, Xavier found that the cure brought a pleasant side effect as he was able to walk again. [New X-Men (1st series) #121-126]

Though she was defeated, the damage inflicted by Cassandra Nova was devastating. There were millions dead, Genosha was a nuclear wasteland and the X-Men’s days in secrecy where over. The public now knew of Charles being a mutant and that the X-Men operated out of Xavier estate in Westchester. Unexpected, however, this turned out to be a change for the better. The school’s address being publicly known led to yet another increase of new students enrolling at Xavier’s. Also, he himself never having dared to expose himself and the school that way, Charles now turned weakness into an advantage by creating a worldwide net of X-Corporations, with the purpose to function as an extension to the X-Men and to get people to sympathize with the idea of peaceful coexistence of humanity and mutantkind. For a couple of weeks, Xavier and Jean toured the several X-Corp branches to get them properly started. [New X-Men (1st series) #128-132]

However, in the wake of the havoc Cassandra Nova had wrought in the Shi’ar Empire, Lilandra had gone insane and tried to assassinate Charles while he visited the X-Corporation branch in Mumbai. She accused him of always bringing ruin to her people. One of her advisors, Araki 6, took Lilandra into custody and informed Charles that the official status of their relationship was thereby annulled. [New X-Men (1st series) #133]

When the X-Men responded to a distress call coming from a Scottish island, they were surprised to find the Juggernaut there. In fact, it turned out that it was the Juggernaut who had called them to help his partner in crime, Black Tom Cassidy, who had undergone a secondary mutation and was now a plant creature draining the life-forces of nearby people. Though the X-Men prevailed, it was not as the Juggernaut had hoped, as Tom apparently died during the fight, taking the whole island with him. Seeing the Juggernaut with no place to go and no one to turn to, Charles reached out to his stepbrother and invited him to live with the X-Men in his family mansion. Despite all of those years of animosity, Cain reluctantly accepted. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #411-412]

Over the next weeks, the Juggernaut began to redeem himself and even joined the X-Men. During this time, Charles and Cain got to the core of their long, problemed relationship with each other. All their lives, they had been blaming the other one for something they held themselves accountable for. Apparently, Kurt Marko liked his stepson, Charles, more than his own flesh and blood, though it didn’t stop him from abusing him too. Both boys could have stopped the abuse, Cain physically and Xavier mentally, but neither one did, for they felt they deserved it. Cain because his own father couldn’t love him more than someone else’s child and Charles because he had thought it was his fault for having gotten between them. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) (1st series) #429]