Age of Apocalypse

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16th July 2015
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The Age of Apocalypse: The Inception, the Crossover, the Timeline


In 1995, the then current X-Men creators started in motion what many thought would be unthinkable. Legion, Xavier's son, travelled back in time with the intention of killing Magneto before he became a villain and could do any harm... but it all went wrong. Just as his future son was about to deal a killing blow, Xavier himself jumped in between Legion and Magneto. Xavier was dead... and the X-Men would never be the same again.

With Xavier gone, events unfolded much differently than that which we, the readers, had known. Only the time-displaced Bishop, a chronal anomaly himself, knew of what the world should be like. And so, what many think of as one of the greatest X-Men crossovers there has ever been, the Age of Apocalypse, was born ...