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Rahne’s old friend, Cannonball (at the time a member of X-Force who was wanted by the law), looked Rahne up soon thereafter, believing she’d been brainwashed into serving the government. He was also surprised that Rahne apparently didn’t care any longer about Rictor, who had left to look for her in Genosha, and that she was fixated on Alex. Sam wanted to force her to come with him but Polaris interjected and held him in a magnetic shield, wanting to put him into custody for questioning about X-Force’s activities. Rahne had to talk Lorna into letting Sam go. [X-Factor (1st series) #77]

X-Factor’s next task was to protect a Clinic for Genetic Research, which had been warned about an imminent terrorist attack by the Mutant Liberation Front. The mission was somewhat controversial, as Dr. Tucker, the head of the clinic, had developed a procedure to determine whether an unborn child would become a mutant and even to remove the DNA that would cause the mutation. Rahne especially felt strongly about this, as X-Factor defending Tucker might have given the impression that they approved of The Clinic’s experiments. During the fight with the MLF, Wolfsbane was separated from the rest of the group and found the mortally injured Dr. Tucker in his lab. He had started a transfer of all his data files and, with his dying breath, asked Rahne to hand the files to the government. She pondered the situation for a moment but then slashed all of the computer equipment, thus making sure that the secret of Tucker’s procedure had died with him. [X-Factor (1st series) #78]

Over the next weeks, Rahne also suffered from odd dreams, which seemed to indicate that she was looking for an identity to call her own. She found herself in several movie and TV roles, as if she was trying out which personality would fit her. Naturally, Havok was involved in these dreams too, in one way or the other. Rahne’s behavior towards him and Polaris became stranger and stranger. At times, she was acting nice towards Polaris, as being near to her made Havok happy, but also she was jealous of Polaris and even went as far as give in to her animal instincts and attack Lorna once, while she was in wolf-form and agitated. [X-Factor (1st series) #80-82]


During the crisis known as X-Cutioner’s Song, Cable was suspected of having tried to kill Charles Xavier. X-Factor helped the X-Men up to hunt down Cable’s team, X-Force, most of the former New Mutants among them, including Rictor. Reunited with Rahne, he pulled her over for a kiss. She responded so passionately, she bit him. It became painfully clear that the old magic between them was gone. Still, Rahne felt sorry for her former teammates when they were locked up in the Danger Room of Xavier’s mansion. [X-Factor (1st series) #84, X-Force (1st series) #17]

That crisis solved, X-Factor returned to business as usual. During a trip to Genosha to check on how its mutate population was being treated, Rahne also acted a lot more wanton, accosting Multiple Man. Once the team arrived on the island, they met up with Moira MacTaggert, who was visiting there too. Moira apologized for not having been in touch and, sensing the many troubles on Rahne’s mind, she promised to help find some answers. A full examination revealed that Rahne, on the one hand, was more sexualized due to her canine body, but, more importantly, the medical records of her mutate bonding process were uncovered – them stating that she had been bonded into a master/slave relationship with Alex. Realizing that both her body and her mind were betraying her, Rahne went ballistic once more. It was Lorna, of all people, who calmed her down. Rahne was heavily disappointed, though, as Moira didn’t make her case her priority but instead concentrated on the case of the Genoshan mutates, who were dying from a strange illness (which turned out to be the Legacy Virus). Rahne and Moira parted with bitter words on Rahne’s side. [X-Factor (1st series) #88-90]

Back in the United States, Rahne turned to Professor Xavier for help, who explained that he could only attempt to help her if she returned to her human form, which would revert her to the near mindless state of a Genoshan mutate. However, he wasn’t sure if he could help her even then. In any case, she’d have to undergo psion therapy at Muir Isle and, even then, there’d only be a fifty percent chance of success and an equal chance of the operation going disastrously wrong. Rahne pondered the question of how much of herself she was willing to sacrifice to become the person she once was but, eventually, decided to take the risk. With her teammate, Guido, accompanying her, Rahne went to Muir Island, where, for the first time in a long time, she changed into her human form – instantly reverting to the mindless mutate. [X-Factor (1st series) #93-94]

However, the bond between her and Alex was too strong and Rahne forced herself back into her transitional form and came back to Washington. She was angry with Alex for not taking the time to accompany her to Muir, for it was obvious that she could not undergo treatment without Alex close by. In her frustration, she projected her anger at Lorna, for Rahne was sure that, if it were her in need of help, Alex would have moved heaven and hell. At one point, Rahne was so desperate that she even considered killing Havok, just to be free from him, but she found herself unable to go through with it. Salvation came from an unexpected quarter. X-Factor was taking on the spiritual leader, Haven, who was trying to put the world into chaos to usher in a new golden age. Haven was able to use her power to heal Rahne and turn her back into her normal, human form. For the first time in long months, she was back in her own mind again and not even the apparent death of the Multiple Man could break her joy. At Jamie’s memorial service, she also made up with Moira. [X-Factor (1st series) #95-99]

A short time later, as the X-teams came under attack of the alien Phalanx, Rahne was in for a pleasant surprise. One individual had separated from the Phalanx collective and joined the mutants’ cause. The techno-organic creature apparently had some links to the deceased Warlock and Douglas Ramsey, as he was a dead ringer for Doug. Though he denied it, Rahne believed he was Doug reborn. Even when Douglock seemingly betrayed the X-teams to the Phalanx, Rahne kept the faith and was proved justified in the end, as Douglock came out on their side after all. [The Phalanx Covenant - Lifesigns]

Rahne didn’t stay with the changing X-Factor much longer. Her bonds to the team were eroding with both her friends, Multiple Man and Strong Guy, gone and her foster mother Moira MacTaggert had become the only human infected with the lethal Legacy Virus, so Rahne wanted to be at her side and moved to Muir Isle. As a result, she became a defacto member of Excalibur,the X-team that resided there and which Douglock had also recently joined.[Excalibur (1st series) #90]

One day, several Excalibur members saw a fire on the mainland. They followed it up and met Bridget Shane, a young pyrokinetic mutant girl who was afraid, as Reverend Craig had learned about her powers and told her she’d be damned. Rahne finally decided to confront Craig. She had investigated his past and drawn some unsettling conclusions. She entered his church, not showing any fear or panic, despite the man yelling at her to get out. Inside, Rahne presented the furious man her findings, hinting that she was aware that he was her biological father and blackmailed him into leaving Bridget alone from now on. [Excalibur (1st series) #93]