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6th December 2012

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1) As a member of the Acolytes, Amelia wore a slightly individualized variation on the standard Acolyte uniform. This consists of a purple-blue bodysuit with a large crimson V down the front. Unlike the other Acolytes, hers features billowy sleeves and is open at the top, revealing her neck and a hint of cleavage. She also wears matching red gloves and boots that flare open just above her knees. A wide, gold armored belt circles her waist and a second, smaller and looser belt is connected to this one and hangs to one side. Her billowing sleeves are tucked into banded gauntlets that cover her forearms. Gold armor rests on her shoulders. She often wears distinctive earrings that look like a half-circle of gold with two gold globes resting at the end. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #300]

2) The Acolytes were not just a team of mutant terrorists, but a sect of devout worshippers of their Lord Magneto. While not engaged in a mission, the Acolytes sometimes wore outfits more akin to a monk's robe or a nun's habit. These robes were a muted mauve color with flowing sleeves and a large V pattern like the ones on their combat uniforms. Under this they wore a purple colored bodysuit. Voght also wore a special headdress much like a nun's coif with a purple pointed crest and flowing mauve veil down the back. This may have represented her higher station among the Acolytes. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #315]